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4th Block Koramangala Maestripalaya Lake area is used as dumping ground

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Over the last few months, tractors have been coming with demolition debris and dumping it around the banyan tree in the lake area of Masitrepalaya in 4th Block, Koramangala. Not sure it this is with or without permission from the relevant authorities. Have complained to bbmp helpline and also informed the local corporator.

This dump is damaging the plants and trees and also affecting the birds which come to this area regularly.


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BDA is developing that lake. I think they are building bund, and making it wide enough to make park next to lake for people to stroll around and sit and jogging track etc. If your corporator is not listening you can contact mayor himself in JP Nagar.

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Dont think this is a bund....

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Heard that someone is taking money and allowing tractors to come and dump debris around a banyan tree and this dump  is higher than the adjacent ground floor of houses on 1st A Cross

Chandra Kumar

+91 9845057778

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take video

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You better take video using your mobile when they are pouring from tractor and upload it to youtube so u wont lose it. It will be useful if things go to court.

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restoration work should start soon

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@ Chandra Kumar  -  The BDA was supposed to start on the 'kere' restoration work as per the concept plan submitted by the Koramangala federation. But, because of some confusion caused by a certain section of residents claiming exclusive rights over the kere, it got stalled for a while. That has more or less got sorted out now with the federation taking charge. Yesterday, a team from the federation met the concerned BDA engineer, who has promised to forward the file to the Chief Engineer, within the day itself, for furthering the process of preparing the DPR prior to tendering out and execution of the civil works. The fed team will be keeping a close track of the progress, henceforth.

Earlier also, there was some suspicion of debris dumping. I had personally gone to the lake area to check, and was told by a guard there, supposedly appointed by BDA, that it was largely the work of the neighbouring villagers who had collected some debris for levelling out the tracks within the area that had become slushy because of heavy rains then. If you notice it's more than that, e-mail me at murali772@gmaildotcom. I too will take a deko when I pass by that way next.

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