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Why signal free ride for Air travelers alone?

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Why is it road users to Railway station are denied signal free comfort while the same is being given to air travelers which has only made flyovers which are never used by any bus, auto or scooters?

(Reference made to Signal Free work going on for NH7 till Devanahalli)

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Signal-free roads

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Any signal-free road witout provision for crossing the road at bus stops is anti-bus commuter/pedestrians.

Any bus commuter alighting at a bus stop has to cross the road for his return journey in the opposite direction. Facility for the same should be integrated in the road design.


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not airport specific

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the elevated road on NH7 is not necessarily airport specific..its been done by NHAI for all highways coming into city..

  • The tumkur(NH 4) is already done and they have now taken this up..
  • Also the area around the airport is slated for growth and road infra will always promote growth
  • Done early..means costs less..since acquiring land is cheaper 

About why not for railway stations..

  • Current stations already in developed areas, land acquisition is a problem
  • Metro in underground tunnels are being done for faster connectivity comment guidelines

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