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Development at cost to Nature Do we need this

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Belgaum in this past couple of months has been in the limelight for not so good reasons for the city as a whole. From controversies on 100 crore to its implementation. Still none of the projects under the 100 crore special grant have been completed but newer projects under said scheme are being launched.

Why Belgaum and not Bangalore?

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 One of the most common questions I – as an entrepreneur – get is: “Why did you choose Belgaum? Why not Bangalore?”. Yes. It is true that Bangalore has established itself as the IT hub aka the Silicon Valley of India. Indeed, Bangalore today is known the world over for the IT presence in the city and not the numerous gardens it hosts. So why did I choose Belgaum?

MSIL liquor shop a HIT to many

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 The MSIL liquor shop recently opened in Belgaum city is the talk of the town amongst drinkers and teetotalers as well.


Belgaum on a road widening spree


 Belgaum has never seen this kind of a road widening spree in its history. The last time the road widening was done on such a scale must have been the Congress road widening many years back.


At this moment there are 5 roads being planned to be widened.

Mayor not informed about 100 crore development works

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 In a written statement to the opposition, Mayor Yallappa Kurubar on Saturday said that, he had no information about the works being undertaken in the city under the Rs.100 crore special funds from the CM.

100 crore tug of war

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 A tug of war and fight for a chair is common in politics, but Belgaum is different from the lot.

MLA Trimurti keep Dil connected will work for development of Belgaum

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 Belgaum Cloth Merchants Association had called a special meeting o

Suspension bridge at Gokak Falls will be shut for public on Sundays

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 A week ago you had seen some magnificent photos of the Gokak Falls and here is some

Old promises in new Karnataka budget

B.S. YEDDYURAPPA presented the budget for 2009-10 today at Bangalore.

The festivity over in Belgaum

 Should I say the party (festivity) is over or at last it’s over, leave it to you?

Belgaum is peaceful: but not Belgaum issue

From the 16th January the Belgaum issue has taken a rebirth, till then it would just erupt on a couple of days in a year and all would be good and calm later on.

Belgaum getting a face lift: roads, pavements: Belgaum Session

Thanks to the proposed Belgaum session of the legislature the roads of Belgaum are getting a makeup done. I am on purpose saying makeup, as its only make up on the old roads. But whatever it might be its good for all of us. In the picture: The Sanchayni Circle road being re-laid. Congress Road is also being done and some other roads leading to JNMC have already been completed.
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