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kindly delete this post

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haven't seen the frontpage, but ..

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Seriously, if you don't like ToI, why not just switch. I keep circling between Hindu and DNA, in between DH. Stopped TOI long ago.

I think a lot of us here have given up on TOI during last few years. May be a poll could help settle that.

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I don't have a liking for

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I don't have a liking for TOI, but sometimes I feel, it also gives a lot of coverage to bangalore civic issues, but yes only sometimes. Many times, it has just a small column here or there.

But yes overall, TOI is not a good in terms of news publication, yes they sensitize issue, they only publish one view, make headlines look attractive by writing things out of context, like how a sentence can be written by interchanging punctuation marks, or by leaving some start or end words.

For the particular instance, in today's world, there is no newspaper, who is going to compromise on issues you mentioned, they get advertisement revenue and they publish it wherever client wants.


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"Volume" of news

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TOI definitely covers a "lot" more news. right now I am with Hindu (even when with DNA), and at times, it feels as if I am missing out on knowing a lot of local issues due to hindu carrying less, or applying its criteria to pick only few types of reports. DNA seemed to carry more (I keep switching between the two) "volume".

Don't know if the time is ripe for more local but regular looking print newspaper, sort of like CitizenMatters. Do you want a World news paper, India paper, Karnataka paper, or Bangalore paper? all in one? or each in separate? And world/india news in english, Karnataka/Bangalore in kannada? so many possibilities, wonder what are the populare preferences there.

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absolute non-issue

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I don't think the issue here is how good ToI is compared to The Hindu, DH, NIE, or DNA. The issue is about the "so-labelled sensitive" ad, which all of the other papers would have also carried had the client approached them, since, in actuality, there is nothing sensitive about it. Publishing such comments will only aid the cause of chauvinists who are waiting in the wings to manufacture issues out of non-issues.

I subscribe to ToI, particularly for the number of highly readable columnists who are enlisted with them.

Muralidhar Rao
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give opportunity to mischief mongers

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Any other newspaper or, any other day, I would have ignored.

However, an advt listed by a C-Grade developer for a cheap project with the image of a 'specific' -culture groomed lady and words Cauvery, was hard to miss. Who knows, some mischief monger could have released a pan-Karnataka advt with the intention of teasing. To avoid succh unplesanteries, a repute paper like TOI needs to take stock

Then again, probably, I really need to switch from TOI as their standards has fallen. 


P.S: I guess I can officially say 'The leader no longer guards the reader' :)

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actually I dont see any connection..

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I have discontinued TOi and switched to Hindu..probably it carries more 'paid' news about 'amma' and TN than any other paper..

but coming to the add in question..think they were targetting the big floating population in bangalore which comes from TN..

guess we bangaloreans can quietly ignore it!

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Localities reduced to minority

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Frankly, it does not bother me if the large floating population is from outside the state. This applies for other spheares too. For example, there are much more tamil channels than other channels, that is fine. I have the option to change and view others at my discretion.

Additionally, I like the charisma of 'amma' and have high regard for the said language

However, what irks me is when it starts interfering in my daily life.

Just last week, I was at the Cinemax theater at Bellandur to watch a Hindi movie.  I was appalled when I was shown an advertisement (for some mobile) in Tamil just before the movie. How can you serve me something in an alien language when I am in my home town and unfamilar with an unknown language!. If, I had gone to see an tamil movie and was served the advt, it is understandable. I immediately questioned this act to the theatre manager, who initially took this casually. However, only when I threatened action against the theatre, he promised to act and avoid it in future.

Last thing I would want is to have a feeling of alienation amonst my own. Thus, I feel it my onus to strongly protest along similar lines if it does impact my daily life.


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cautioning admin

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"Bangalore is Mine"'s posts are more and more tending towards whipping up parochial and chauvinistic sentiments, unnecessarily. I would request the admin to keep a close watch on his posts.

Muralidhar Rao
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I am deeply hurt

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Hi Mr Murali,

I am hurt over your remarks. I respect you and fellow contributors for your views and healthy interaction.

As a senior contributor, if you feel my views are tending towards being parochial and chauvinistic, you have the right to inform me of this concern and , if needed, request to have no further discussion on this.

When I joined this forum, which is strictly on invitation, the idea was to share and contribute views and action for a better development of the city. You could be right in your views , but do state it.

Each morning I go to play badminton using my cycle from Nirguna Mandir to NGV club. On my return, I take abt 45 mins to reach home. Do you know why? I park my cycle and prohibit vehicles from driving on the foothpath towards Sony World signal (Earlier, I used to verbally caution. now with experience, I do not say a word, just lead the vhicles back to road. Till now, only 2 elderly folks have thanked me personally for doing this and it is their  appreciation which has motivated to keep going)

Post that, I take a ride from Sony World, all the way to Wipro park jucntion and rip the posters stapled to the trees (only trees not the electric poles).

There are other things I do to and am planning for more orgaised campaign for betterment , but probably mention it sometime later. 

My point is, unles we do not interact, make yourself heard and have people telling you your shortcomings, you cannot grow.  Involving a third person to forbid , only reflects my lack of patience  and is not very healthy exercise to do.

Probably you do not remember me, but I have accompanied you, Major, Sushant and other folks durng the meetigs with BDA commisioner and also meetings of Koramangal 1st block RWA for issues pertaining to Shanti Nagar Coperative Society land.

Anyways, I would defiantely want each one to be candid of ones views and share it directly



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so be it

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@ Vimal  -  For all the good that anybody has done or may be doing, if I notice the person upto something I consider objectionable, I won't hesitate to point it out. My earlier post in this thread was a cautioning exercise. If you can't take heed, I am sorry to have to be a bit direct, whether it causes hurt or not.

Muralidhar Rao
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@ Murali- I would like to apologise that I seem to 'misinterpret' the goal of Praja.

Below is a part of the FAQ, on which Praja stands on. The very FAQ which made me join this forum...... I have specifically italicised and underlined those lines which was 'misinterpreted' by me. I never realised stating my stance on language would cause heartburn.

I would like to close on this.


What exactly is, alternate media or an NGO?

A> We are neither trying to be alternate media, nor yet another NGO. There is some wide and serious space between journalism and activism that we are trying to fill and bridge. Our dream is to create a platform where citizens highlight their local issues, then network with like minded people to evolve possible solutions, and find ways of engaging with local government bodies to get things fixed. How does this system work with media or NGOs?

  • From Media - Highlighted issues could be triggered by newspaper reports. Also, Media reports, at times, don't present the full picture.
  • To Media - Members could bring media's attention to some local issues.
  • From NGOs - Existing NGOs could bring events, projects and proposals to attract or recruit like minded members, or simply promote their cause.
  • To NGOs - Members interested in doing more than just highlighting the issues could be directed to relevant NGOs

I am only interested in discussions, and not on-ground projects. Am I still welcome on

A> Yes, because willingness to highlight and discuss your local issues is the first sure sign that you have the interest. We encourage discussions, provided they are local, fact based and constructively engaging. There will never be any pressure or moral extortion to push you towards volunteering for on-ground projects


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From Admin!

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Dear Vimal, appreciates your good work and pray that 'May your tribe Grow' in multitudes.

With regard to presenting one's views and perspective, let me state the site moderation philosophy:

  1., welcomes discussions, sharing of information, arguments/counter arguments, debates etc as long as it pertains to's mission and areas of interest - Governance, public life, day to day common civic issues etc.
  2. Debates, discussions are welcome if presented in healthy, civil and respectful manner.
  3. Members can disagree, object and even condemn the views present by others as long as the dissent language is not abusive, name calling or disrespectful.
  4. doesn't have a stand on anything and doesn't endorse anybody's views one way or the other. It is the members who take stands and present their views.
  5. reserves the right to stop any post or comment from getting published on this site and delete the published ones if the admins determines to be in violation of moderation policies.

Having stated a high level canvas of's moderation philosophy, here is the stand of (Do not represent any member) on this discussion post:

  1. You as a member have a privilege to start a discussion that in your perspective needs some attention. do not see any violations to the post itself.
  2. In response, other members have responded and do not see any violations in the responses also.
  3. A member, Murali, has raised an issue and has flagged to admins to take another look at the posts and views presented here, of both the author and responders.
  4. I am sure admins will consider anybody's request and take the appropriate actions there upon.
  5. Since the post has been allowed to publish and none of the comments have been moderated or deleted, should give an ample indication of a case of violation or not.

Hope '' moderation policy is sufficiently explained.

-Syed on behalf of Admins

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Thank You!

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A big thank you. Your intervention has restored my faith in Praja and its philosphy.



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How does moderation work?

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Moderators (a group, not an individual) see a "Vote to unpublish button" on every post or comment. If more than a certain % of moderators click on that button, the content is unpublished.

In many cases, if the comment or post is blatantly commercial/advertorial, content is simply not published. (we get such spam posts in daily basis).

In rare cases when post/comment is offensive (personal attacks with foul words) and site admins notice it, content is deleted. This has been rare.

Last but not the least, this is not moderation, but reformatting, if an admin or moderator spots a published post/comment that could be enhanced through better formatting or spelling corrections, that is done, and a note is left for the author whenever original content might be touched. comment guidelines

Posting Guidelines apply for comments as well. No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based, as constructive as possible, and use gentle words. Avoid going off-topic no matter how nice your comment is. Moderators reserve the right to either edit or simply delete comments that don't meet these guidelines. If you are nice enough to realize you violated the guidelines, please save Moderators some time by editing and fixing yourself. Thanks!

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