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The Absurdity of Signal Timing at Ejipura Road

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I travel daily from Koramangala to Domlur via the 100ft road. There is a huge traffic jam at the Ejipura Crossing, any time of the day. I think this traffic jam is not due to the carrying capacity of the roads but the illogical/absurd green light timing. The Ejipura road crossing the 100ft road is a narrow 2 lane half paved road in comparison to the 6 lane 100 ft road, but still both the roads get equal green-light time. The traffic on the 100ft road is at least 10-20 times more than that of the 2 lane road. The traffic jams would disappear if the Traffic Police used a little bit of brains and give higher green light time to the 100ft road.

The problem is compounded further by the same problem 400 mtr before the Ejipura Crossing. Moreover the Greenlight at this crossing is not timed with the green light of Ejipura Crossing. Synchronyzing the 2 crossings and giving greenlight timings weighted to the traffic flow would immediately solve the issue.

People, let us do something. I wrote the complaint at the Bangalore traffic police website, but i have not recieved any response. comment guidelines

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