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Jnanabharathi Railway Station Poor Infrastructure

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Dear All, 


The infrastructure at Jnanbharthi Station is extremely poor. There is no lighting and the station is lcoated on the Bangalore Mysore Highway, which itself is very poorly lit. 

The station has no ticketing counters and shelter constructed is in a dilapidated state. The trains going to Mysore just slow down and commuters get off as it slows down.

There is a station and a platform, but why can't they have a ticketing counter. Most people living in RR Nagar have to travel to Kengeri or Nayadahalli even though this station is a stone's throw away from the arch.  The station is also very poorly lit with no basic facilities in contrast to Kengeri station.

Would the SWR ever bother about these smaller stations?





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Few photos of this station

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No shelter,  No lights, no FOB,  No sign board of this railway station on Mysore road.








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Future METRO station, can it be integrated with Station

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We should ensure that upcoming METRO station should be properly integrated with this Railway station.  Also all intercity trains should provide stop here as this Railway station can be expanded by taking University land to 4 Platforms.  This way Mysore - Bangalore Railway line gets integrated with METRO and also all south bound passengers of Railway can get down here and travell towards RR Nagar, Banashankari, JP Nagar, Mysore road.

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Checking Bangalore University Cross Metro Station

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As per Project approval details, its Bangalore University Cross METRO station.  That means, BMRCL, SWR, BMTC, Bangalore Traffic Police ( Auto / Pedestrain ) and  Bangalore University  authorities should plan for better integration  with 5 modes of Public Transport : Pedestrain, Metro, Suburban Rail, BMTC buses and Auto / Taxi.

I feel SWR should expand this railway station  Jnanbharthi Station for four Platforms with FOB conencting directly to METRO station and crossing Mysore Road.  Also SWR should plan for stopping of few more intercity trains in future to reduce passenger traffic at City station.

Major integration between METRO and Suburban Rail will happen at Yesvanthpur, Baiyyappanhalli, KR Puram, Bangalore City Station, Bangalore University  Jnanbharathi Railway station, Kengeri and Cantonment Railway station.  Thats eight locations ???  and one more may be at Nagavara road  in future.  I feel Malleshwaram station could have been easily integrated with METRO.

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The integration would have

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The integration would have made a lot more sense had Metro been implemented on Broad gauge.

Anyway people can take Metro till Kengeri and then use CRS to travel to Mandya or even Mysore if CRS ever gets done


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Bangalore University Cross METRO is best place for interchange

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As the bothe METRO and Railway station are just next to each other,  BMRC, SWR  & BBMP should work together to build largest multimodal transit center in Bangalore,  as  large open land exists in University campus , other places, land issue in integration.

I feel BMTC, METRO and SWR should  be integrated with other modes last mile connectivity lik Cycle on rent, autos, pedestrain to reach either University campus or RR Nagar.


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Give them that idea and they

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Give them that idea and they shall chop trees in BU. comment guidelines

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