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Kengeri Station Connectivity Issues Jnanbharathi Station Poor Infra

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Commuter Rail

A gang of auto drivers gang up and loot unsuspecting customers who land at Kengeri Station. The station is very remotely located with no last mile connectivity to any of the areas nearby. BMTC hardly runs any services from Kengeri Station. These kind of experiences actually deter people from using the local train services. 

The more centrally located Jnanabharthi Station is very poorly lit with no basic infra like ticketing counters. Can we take up the issue of Jnanbharthi Station with the authorities concerned?

Given the way, BMTC functions I have very little hope of their introducing buses from Kengeri Station.



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demand Chakra link

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@ Amith - Firstly, welcome to Praja.

As to your problem, perhaps you need to bring your fellow commuters together and demand of the BMTC to start Chakra services (feeder) linking the station with the closest Big-10 route. The ultimate answer I'll maintain lies here.

Muralidhar Rao
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Thanks for the welcome.  As

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Thanks for the welcome. 

As of now, I am not aware of anyone who takes the trains to Kengeri from Majestic and then pays a hefty price to get back home.

I am willing to volunteer once I get enough people.


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Hampinagara station has been

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Hampinagara station has been built so some folks dont have to go to nayandahalli. Would be nice if commuter rail also started so trains can stop here

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Finally Bangalore is getting

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Finally Bangalore is getting one more railway station on Mysore road.

Looking for Tanisandra Railway station to be reopened and halt station at Devanahalli BIAL Airport trumpet interchange and halt station at Dodballapur Textile park, Hoody behind Shantiniketan Prestige apartment much needed for the people on priority


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Stations of no use if there is no last mile connectivity

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These stations and CRS is of no use if BMTC does not act and introduce Chakra Services as pointed out by Muralidhar Rao.

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Above point Applies to Metro Also

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Same thing for Bangalore Metro also. Chakra Services should be started around Metro stations too. 

As Amith pointed out, I too have ended up in trouble after getting down at around 8:15pm in Kengeri Station waiting till 9:30pm to get a bus to goto Katriguppe. After starting of Kengeri TTMC, things have worsened with most of the buses ending their trips in Kengeri TTMC. Earlier we used to have 501,501A service running, now the route exists, but buses do not run after 7pm. All we see is Kottigepalya buses.

Krishnadevaraya Station should open like a full fledged station and not a 'H' with even express trains stopping here. Also, a prepaid auto counter should be started. This will help lot of people living around Vijaynagar, Girinagar, Avalahalli similar to Satellite Bus Stand. (Ofcourse, satellite bus stand has not got prepaid auto counter).


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Chakra Services from Kengeri Station

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Dear All, 

I have circulated a letter to my apartment's association and asked for their signatures so that we could press BMTC to start Chakra Services from Kengeri Station.





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Great going..Hope BMTC Listens

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Geat going Amith. If BMTC listens, it helps lot of people.

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The letter has been submitted

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The letter has been submitted to Transport Minister. Let us hope they act.

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Good step, lets hope Minister has ear for citizens

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BMTC should provide proper bus services to Kengeri station and  Kengeri Satalite  town buses should be re-rooted thru this Station  I feel.

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I spoke to the Depot Manager

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I spoke to the Depot Manager in charge of Kengeri today. He has promised to look into the issue. The letter handed over to Mr. Reddy has not yielded any result though.

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Typical Response from BMTC

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Dear Sir,

     With reference to your mail this is to inform that Rt number 222A, 222F, 222C, 222N, 401K, 401KB, 401M, 401MC, 401MK, 501A, 501C are being operated with 150 schedules and these buses are operated via Kengeri Railway station, KengeriTTTM and to further, hence it is requested to avail the said services and to co-operate with BMTC

General Manager (Traffic)


The road leading up to the station from Kengeri 100 Feet road is very poorly lit and unsafe after it gets dark. What stops BMTC from running direct buses to Kengeri Railway station gates?
I live close to BGS Hospital. I had suggested a Chakra Service from Global Village. A chakra service from Global Village to Kengeri Railway station shall help the techies wanting to travel to the city after work. 
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Cost of travel from Kengeri to Majestic

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Has any one travelled from Kengeri to Majestic, as i remember distance is commuted in less than 25 mins where as 1 hour in BMTC. any one using on daily basis. 

sad part is there is no sign board or marking about the railway station on the old ring road. the lane leading to the station is in bad condition  and congested.

On Sunday evenings around 8, I can see hundreds of people coming out of the station, so its uto the authorities to improve the services.

I get down from kengeri station and go towards chandra layout and find the connectivity is good for me. by the way is the RPC layout station ready?



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The RPC Layout station is

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The RPC Layout station is ready.  The problem is there are no platforms at the station.

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