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Adyar Ananda Bhavan, BTM layout - giving one example

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You people are discussing bye-laws and corruption. Now I will give you an example of how one mid-size business plays on these two subjects and we people do not see anything. I can see, but can not do anything about it.

First, its location. It is near 16th Main road and Outer Ring road in BTM layout, very near to the petrol pump.  By the way, it is on the Outer Ring road only. Second, it is a very popular place, and no matter what you say, they serve good food. But ...

Problem #1 - parking, and bye-laws

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A very clear no-parking board is there on the Outer Ring Road (it is very wide there because service road is merged). The no parking board is next to a bus stand also. But still, people park cars under the no-parking board, sometimes affecting traffic that turns left from Outer Ring Road to Taverekere main road. I have sometimes seen a parking attendant also, directing cars at this no-parking zone. Also, it is common to see police people eat. They also do not see no-parking violation!

Where are the bye-laws? Why is a 3 floor restaurant operating without providing for parking? I do not know if there is a basement also, if it is there, it is not being used for parking.

Problem #2 - reuse of old bills

I have noticed this two times so that I am sure. After we finished our food, the bills we got were old. Waiter was recycling the old bill. He pulled 3-4 out of his pocket, and gave us some old bill that matched (2 dosas - very common). Second time I noticed, order was little uncommon, waiter gave us two different bills (smart). How do I know that the bills were old. First time, we ate at 2 PM, time on the bill was 12.30. Second time also same, 2 hours older bill.

Now you people only tell me. We all like this business, they make good food, traditional-waditional place, and they are doing these things. Is it only waiters recycling old bills, or management also knows about it? Nobody knows. But I am only writing this to tell you an example of one common type of bye-law violation (parking) and corruption (not paying taxes).

Also, sorry for naming Adyar Ananda Bhavan. I can write this about many other places that use basement for parties, not parking. But if you all discuss without taking names, many people do not understand the problem.

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Owner(private corruption) , BBMP/traffic police are responsible.

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It is a private Restaurant. This is fully a miss-management type from the AAB. If the bill is old, customer will not suffer , the Restaurant will suffer, they will loose their profits, ultimately they will try to search internally the waiter who is doing this and remove them.


As you said yes, I have seen that in private sector also the corruption has been started in India. Our blood have this and it has become like a cancer and killing our lives indirectly.

Customer has to worry only about the quality of the food and worth of the money he is spending there. Else the Customer can say in his reviews that food or ambiance is bad and not worth in online.

But for Parking problems and road problems, BBMP has to take action and manage with Traffic police. I think there should be some way that the residents and others can report this to above agencies.

Also I feel the corruption is much in Cities and Towns , I think in rural areas this is less.

This is just my personal view. I do not want to hurt anyone.

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I have read about a similar case

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 There was a similar case reported in Bangalore Mirror about Nandini near Airport Road Flyover. This can be seen all over Bengaluru.

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don't expect instant solutions

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Quite as commented upon by Jakkura, 'corruption' is when you are dealing with public money. If some individual is cheating another, it's their individual look-out. If you feel concerned about it, you can report the matter to the management. 

As to your "1st problem" - there are enough of such transgressions all across the city. And, through discussions here, we are trying to come up with solutions to them, as also to many others. There are no instant solutions; but, that doesn't mean we just give up, and allow a free for all, as you seem to suggest. We try in the hope that change will happen, even if slowly. 

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