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BIAL Official Updates November 2007

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BIAL began construction of the new Bangalore International Airport on 2 July 2005. The construction is progressing on schedule and BIAL will open the airport for commercial operation in April 2008.

Construction progress update for November 2007

Trial runs will begin at the new Bangalore International airport in December 2007. These trials to be held in three stages i.e. basic, advanced and integrated will finally conclude closer to the airport opening date on March 30, 2008.

The construction and infrastructure advancements at the airport project site continued and are now in the concluding stage. The commissioning of various equipments continued i.e. all the airfield lights at the runway and taxiway, passenger boarding bridges, the baggage handling system and the escalators at the terminal building.

The commissioning phase also commenced at the Air Traffic Control (ATC) block. Other commissioning work included the street lights, cable checks at the airside service road and the secondary access roads.

The Terminal Building
- The finishing works in the terminal building continued with the installation of the internal glass partitions, handrails and the external aluminium panel cladding (ACP). Other work within the terminal building included the construction of the duty free areas, cabling work at all the CUTE (common user terminal equipment) check-in counters, the installation of the public addressing system, the CCTV cameras, the antennas and the light luminaries.
- The construction of the car park opposite the terminal building is in progress. Lying of the paver blocks and landscaping in this area continued.

Airside Works
The major concreting works in the airside administration building are completed. The landside and airside landscaping works are now in progress.

Other buildings and Infrastructure
The construction of the airside perimeter road and the main access road till the trumpet interchange is in progress. The grading and road construction works around buildings and various installations are in progress.


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* Airport Readiness Experts (AREXs) have commenced testing the basic processes, after which the basic trials will begin on January 15.
Facilities, procedures, systems and trained staff will be tested during the trial phases.
* BIAL has completed a number of “Train the trainer” programmes and the trainers are preparing training sessions for airport-owned equipment and systems.
* Commissioning of all the nine passenger boarding bridges, tests on the Air Field Lights and baggage-handling system is nearing completion.
* All check-in counters at the terminal building have been installed, while installation of all elevators is also complete.
* The airport rescue and fire-fighting team has reached a “high degree of airport readiness” and is ready for basic trials.
* The four crash fire tenders have also arrived at the project site.
* Grading and road construction works around the buildings, pavement layers and  duct banks continued.
Source: Deccan Herald( Trials At Devanahalli Airport )

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Emergency Services @ BIAL

Columbia Asia tie-up with BIAL (The Hindu) Columbia Asia Hospitals has been chosen by Bangalore International Airport Ltd as a partner to provide medical care to passengers and others using the new airport at Devanahalli. The hospital said it will establish a 24-hour medical care facility at the airport, equipped with a pharmacy, medical equipment and technology. It will also provide total medical assistance at the event of a disaster. Albert Brunner, CEO of BIAL, said Columbia Asia was selected after a comprehensive tender process. TS: Nice to see that covering all bases.
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i cannot get references now, but have seen Brunner mention traffic wardens a few times. separating arrival and departure levels vertically would prolly have helped. but from what i can see of the interiors from the pics vertcal separation is ruled out even in future. i see from plans that they have sort of plans for horizontal separation. but the resolution of those images is quite low and cannot figure out details. but it looks like there will a lot of ped xing in front of the airport. hope they can sort the jay walking out. blue is nice, just that right now we are seeing too much of it, so a bit overwhelming. will prolly get dressed over in days to come. interior looks quite cool actually love the roof all that granite would actually love to see some nice KA sculptures inside, a few water spaces, some piped carnatic. (a list which i have posted so many times here itself)
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Looks quite nice

These things are obviously a matter of personal taste, but I quite like the look. At the risk of stereotyping, it has Swiss boredom written all over it. Maybe the blue is intended to calm all the frazzled nerves of people getting here after 3 hours of chaotic traffic :)). Given that this is a private airport of sorts(??), can they enforce strict rules on the traffic outside (no horning, give way to pedestrians at the crossings) and fine people severely - Rs.1000 for not stopping at stop signs and Rs.500 for horning. Srivathsa

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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lots of blue...

lots of blue(cyan)in the airport, no? hopefully with signages and boards and paintings it will warm up a bit. some nice rich colours. the roof elements look cool. anybody know what these black and silver thingies are AC vents?
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neat stuff..

Btw the black and silver cladding more look like mounts for the digital displays and lcd/plasma displays that is missing now.. Was in changi sometime ago and had seen the plants inside the bldg.. We can also have lot of plants inside..orchids etc..afterall we are in the garden city.. I think the cyan will go well with such a set-up cos , as in the foto, the wall colors in changi are at best neutral than complimenting the trees decor..
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BIAL 'trial mode' this month..

Wednesday, December 05, 2007 (16:15 IST) By TBM Staff | Bangalore Bangalore International Airport Ltd. (BIAL), which is developing the new international airport at Devanahalli in Bangalore, has announced that it will begin trials at the airport in the later half of this month. The tests will be done at three stages - basic, advanced and integrated - to dry-test all the systems. The trials will continue over three months till March 30, 2008 - the scheduled date to start operations. Currently, the construction and installation of infrastructure such as the airfield lights at the runway and taxiway, passenger boarding bridges, baggage handling system and escalators are in their final stages. The air traffic control zone, the terminal building and the duty-free outlet area are almost ready. CCTVs, public addressing system and similar equipment are currently being installed at the airport. The airside service road, secondary access roads, the airside perimeter road and the main road from the city are also being worked upon by the authorities.
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trumpet x

Here is the report from ToI epaper SC refuses to stay road to airport New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to stay the construction of an access road to the Bangalore International airport that will get commissioned in March 2008. The proposed road, scheduled to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on March 30, is likely to be the only link between the city and the airport, which is around 40 km from the city. A Bench headed by Justice P P Naolekar deferred till next week the hearing on a petition filed by Girias Investment challenging acquisition of its 3.5 acres of land for the approach road. Girias counsel Abhishek Singvi said the diversion of the trumpet interchange (elevated loop to ensure free movement of traffic without affecting the existing road) at the national highway junction on the company’s land was deliberate. Seeking a stay of the Karnataka High Court judgment that dismissed its petition on the ground that the land was acquired in public interest, the company said the road was proposed to be built at a different alignment during the planning stage. The Karnataka government had submitted wrong facts that the planners were forced to divert the trumpet interchange as the original road had ponds and wells, it said. The petitioner also said it had purchased land in November 2005, and the Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board acquired it without giving it a hearing. Opposing the plea, the state government said the construction of trumpet interchange road by the National Highways Authority of India would be impossible without this land. The state said the acquisition of land is vital for construction of the trumpet interchange at the junction of the national highway and it would facilitate smooth and easy movement of heavy traffic to and from the airport to Bangalore, it added.
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Trumpet Inter-Change - SC refuses stay !

Hi Folks ! It is welcoming to read today that the Supreme court has rejected Giria investments' plea to stop construction of one of the loops that is part of the trumpet interchange, which is a vital part of the connectivity to BIAL from Bellary road (at the deviation point, near Kannamangala). There is a hearing again on 10th/Dec, I think, when SC may clear the issue once & for all. If so, construction of this loop can also begin & this loop should be ready within a few months after BIAL opens. comment guidelines

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