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Placement of bus stops

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placement of bus stops
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Bus Stop Locations

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Good information & assessment.

There may be long stretches on roads without signalled intersections (ring rd, old airport rd, bellary/new airport rd, etc) where mid-block stops & other types are located. These are the areas where fatal accidents can occur as pedestrians try to cross & speeding vehicles knock them down.


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Nice one

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Seem to have missed this slide show. I think mid-block is a better option. Usually junctions will be at a walkable distance. Where they are not, pedestrain facilities should be enhanced. This could be by way of a push button pedestrian operated set of traffic lights that stop traffic for pedestrians only when they are around (and hoping to cross), thus in between the 8-10 minutes before the next bus arrives, the road will remain available to traffic. Ideally, there should a be a staggered pedestrian refuge midway, and another push button operated signal to finish crossing over to other side (this way traffic is blocked on one side at a time for lesser time that when allowing for pedestrians to cross the entire road width in one go).



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Bus stops - design, location

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TS, hope you find this useful.

I simply scanned it, the best I have come across.

The bus stop just before junction - they advocate the bus should be about 15-20 sec away (when in motion) for signal detection and bus priority to work - any closer will cause problems in implementing this technology.


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have seen this

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We may havetalked around this pdf in some post here. I think either tarle, blrsri or myself may have posted this in context of bus bays.

UK examples are nicer than the usual ones from US. Thats because space constraints are similar, similar population density, narrower roads (compared to the US), older cities - UK or Japan would be better standards to build on (both are densely populated) than the US. 

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Malleswaram 18th Cross

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Hi I think one of the worst placed bus stops is the 18th Cross bus stop at 18th Cross and Margosa Road in Malleswaram - though the problem can be trivially solved. As things stand it is on the WRONG side of the road for most of the traffic. So buses crowd around and turn in blocking traffic. In my opinion, the problem can be solved in the following manner. One has to reverse the orientation of both Margosa and Sampige roads. Make Margosa one way towards Yeswantpur and Sampige one way towards Majestic. The point is that by doing this the turn at 18th cross can be made a free left on to Margosa. Further, one will have a clear road with no crossings from Yeswantpur circle to the Station and most traffic in Malleswaram goes that way. They wont cross at C.V.Raman circle ( official name of Maramma Circle ). Finally, traffic from the city to Malleswaram can come directly on the road without doing the funny thing of going on the wrong side of the road for about 300 mts as it currently does. And traffic coming from Shivananda circle can have a free right turn ( currently one has to wait to cross oncoming traffic ). The mess at the intersection of platform road and Sampige road ( where the Rajiv Gandhi statue is ) can be cleared up. Also, once the Mantri Greens mall opens there will be a lot of chaotic traffic there and so if they do it that chaotic traffic will be diverted from Malleswaram and not forced to go through it. I suppose I have drifted off topic but anyway. Another really bad bus stop is the one at New BEL and ORR. Buses have decided to stop immediately after turning on to New BEL causing no end of trouble. I think absolutely NO though is given to the placement of bus stops and I wonder what happened to the bus bays they were supposed to build... comment guidelines

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