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Terminal to Tarmac tour of BIAL - interested!?

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We heard from BIAL recently, they said they have been following our blog and posts, and appreciate our interest and views on the project. Praja should now be getting regular updates from BIAL, and they have offered to help if we have any specific queries or request for pictures or information. Also, we can have some Praja members go on a "Terminal to Tarmac" tour that BIAL will organize! They have to plan this in advance due to security reasons. So if you are interested, leave a comment here indicating # of folks your will bring along (can get family). We will update this post soon with the date (asked for a sunday), and size of group they will take. In case there are more folks interested than allowed, we will do first-come-first-served.


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This is wonderful news. I will be interested in the trip. Am I the first one to comment?? :)



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Count me in

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Hey please count me in. My email is :
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Count us in

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SB, Tarle,

Family and I would like to join.  Let us know the dates.   My mother-in-law might want to join as well.  so 5 people.

This is a not minor success for our website.  Good work from all contributors.  This might just be the turning point.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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I would love to have a look

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count me in too. my mail id is or number 98455 46374.

Looks like dirty politics is gonna cost bangalore a lot. Hope sanity prevails.

Hurry Home

The Sage

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Yes, I would love to go to BIA

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I am definitely interested.Please contact me on my email ID :
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please count me in!

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Waiting for the pics folks...!!

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Would have loved to join... but...!!.

Eagerly...waiting for the pics folks and personal experience..:).

Good to hear about the appreciation on the webstie....cheers to all the everyone ..!!



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Count me in too (One

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Count me in too (One person.). My email -

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We are interested

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Myself and my wife are definitely interested. So, count us in (2 people).

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Count me in too

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Count me in too.

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Please count me in

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Dear Admin,

I would love to be on this tour please count me in.
prav _at_

AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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Tour to BIAL

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Would love to be on this tour. Probably myself, wife & son will join.




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Count me in

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Please count me and my brother - 2 members. Email:





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Awesome - this is good for the site

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I wou ld request all of those who will get a chance to take as many pics and post them. Thanks in advance!

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me too

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If a Sunday, 5 in the family, plus 2 immediate neighbours. On a working day, single - me. 

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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count me in

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Please count me in. Me and 4 of my friends will join. So total 5 from my side.


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Plese include me

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Please count me and my family (total 4 people)


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Me too...

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Please include me too for BIAL tour. Steel birds always interest me....




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Me waiting for pics too..

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Hi, I would love to participate. But Not in Bangalore. Could you guys please take pictures during this tour and post them? Thanks.
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Me Too

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I am also interested. Please count me and wife in. My mail id is
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closing this thread now

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We have more than enough folks now. And we all certainly want those who have been regular content contributors /writers on BIAL threads to join as well.

Stay tuned.

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30th March is the tentative date!

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We are glad to confirm that we have now fixed 30th March as a tentative day for the 'Terminal to tarmac' trip. The date still needs to be confirmed by BIAL staff but we will keep the members posted with the details as we become aware of them. Keep watching this thread. Also have a look at this post and fire your questions at BIAL team right away! comment guidelines

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