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No trees planted on ORR

The ORR between Sarjapur Road and K.R Puram bridge and then on between K.R Puram to Nagawara is devoid of trees. I see that in some small stretches, there is an attempt to plant some trees, but in general these stretches are some of the worst when it comes to avenue planting.

    There are a total of three medians on which trees can be planted other than the extreme ends of the road which have the usual overhead electric poles that are not condusive to plant tall trees. BDA / BBMP / BMRCL etc have not utilized this space to increase green cover in the city. I am extremely surprised given the number of IT/ITEs companies that dot this stretch, none have come forward with any initiative to plant trees as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. In the US, I have routinely seen companies adopting stretches of roads for maintenance. Why is it then that the moment, these multinationals land in India, they forget everything about CSR ? 
     Are there any local organizations that can take this up on a priority basis ? Given that we are amidst monsoon season, the trees thus planted have a very high survival rate.

-- Parisarapremi
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Get in touch with "TREES FOR FREE"


"TREES FOR FREE" is an organisation that is headed by Mrs.Janet in memorium of her husband who was very fond of plants and trees.  It has hundreds of volunteers from various walks of life including techies from IT sector. I am a facilitator in that Organisation.

Call her on 9845449703 

-   give her the details and follow directions for enabling the org to bring free saplings, plant them in places of your convenience, instruct you on how to look after them and their volunteers keep visiting as and when convenience to see whether the planted saplings are being looked after properly and if not, issue instructions on improving the growth.

- A suggestion on selection of species of saplings:   Since land is very valuable and Bangalore's soil is good enough to grow most of species it will be better if your preference is to plant herbal, aromatic and flowers, nectar yielding, fruits & nuts bearing species so that they can be of use to mankind with dual purpose. Athi, Nerale, Aala, Maavu, Bevu, bottle brush, singapore cherry, etc.  Mrs.Janet will be able to guide you.

- Please note that the saplings will not be allowed to be stored at your place.  The volunteers will bring them, plant them in the pits prepared as per their guidelines ascertained well in advance, instruct on how to look after the saplings etc. 

-  Vasanthkumar Mysoremath, 9845950440 comment guidelines

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