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Integrated BMTC Volvo routes map

BMTC has approximately 25 volvo routes. An integrated map over the Bangalore city map would be useful. Or even a plain line-sketch drawing of all these integrated routes would be helpful to plan the commute. Is there any such map available on line? The website has stopped giving information (tracking) on volvo busses.

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Volvos becoming very popular inspite of many comments by many!!

Well, when Volvos were started by BMTC, it was too expensive and people were very reluctant to use. With the prices starting from Rs.5, it has become very popular and runs almost full.

Especially the 500K, 500N, 365,356, 600K which I regularly see are running full. The comfort level is also great.

Tracking and good route maps is what extra we need.

Vayu Vajras and HOHO needs to be looked into by BMTC. They have become  the 'loss makers'.

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Big 10 Maps

I've been looking for the Volvo maps too.
Atleast the Btis Big10 site now has some fancy looking maps, with stops and bus transfers. For instance: comment guidelines

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