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an interesting article for everyone interested in predestrian friendly cities



the down to earth magazine of april16 has very interesting cover story. the studies are very revealing. considering a majority of people still walk  in our indian cities it is shameful that they are not considered at all in planning. all planning and spending has been focussed on moving vehicles and not people. india has the largest number of fatal road accidents in the world. the walkers and the road accident victims are largely from the economically weaker sections of indian society, who do not excersice their voice, while car owners, only 8 per 1000 people today, literally hog all the urban space. besides being a human/social issue, pedestrianization of cities is also now an urgent environmental one. walking, cylcing, and using public transport could soon be a neccessity and not a choice. what will it take for our leaders and adminstrators to acknowledge this? what will it take for us car owners to acknowledge  that only a change in our attitude can set the ball rolling on change.



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The article is surely an eye-opener for those who did not know.
Let Bangalore follow the course being taken at Mumbai/Delhi to improve Pedestrian Safety, with our own modifications.
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