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Kanakapura Road Big 10

Just a few questions about Kanakapura Road Big 10 -

  • Is this operational?
  • What is the route to CBD?
  • What is the route to Kanakapura Road?

I have not been able to locate any of them plying on Kanakapura Road as of now. Request if someone can post details on the service.


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Yes.. It is operational.

   I am not aware of any details, but i know the service is operational. Yesterday (24th Mar) morning, I did notice a Big10, which was waiting just in front of me at the signal in front Banashankari bus stop.

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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On 25th I saw a Big 10 Bus on JC Road originating from Kaggalipura

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8 buses as of now ...

operating from Kaggalipura to Corporation Circle thru BSK Bus Stand and JC Road.

Once the other 2 remaining Big10 routes (Old Madras Road and Sarjapur Road) are also launched, we can look at improving frequencies on all the roads.

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Some questions on throughput

Prof Mahesh,

Thanks for keeping us posted. 

I have a question on throughput possible once we have all the pieces in place.  Let's say we have 10 routes with a frequency of 4 mins on each route in each direction.  Let's say that a bus has a static capacity of 40 and a dynamic capacity (due to people entering and exiting en-route) of about 50. Thus we have a flow of 750 people/hr in each direction along the Big 10.  Or about 7500/hr into and out of the CBD.   Is that anywhere close to enough?

How do you enhance throughput beyond this?  Do you plan trailer buses with say a static capacity of 80 and a dynamic capacity of 100-120. What is the limiting frequency on these sort of trunk routes - 2 mins?  At 2 mins and trailer buses we could hit 36000/hr usage.  So we could theoretically bring about 80-100,000 people into the CBD in the morning peak hours.  

What are your thoughts?



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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throughput ...

The road infra is obviously not good enough to sustain very high 'destination' points, whether on Big10 lines or not. Your numbers are reasonably indicative. But I think there are solutions around that, the key to which will be getting segment-wise data for the Big10 corridors, and then doing dynamic fleet management on the heaviest segments.

The CBD is an important destination, and yes, we'll look at articulated vehicles, double-deckers, etc to enhance carriage. But I think the more critical focus in Bangalore should be destinations along Big10 paths in locations other than the CBD. Take Electronics City or Bommasandra, for example. Here we should look at fleet management by running truncated services (still called Big10) on the core peak segments alone. If we did that, we could probably get frequencies up to 1-2 minutes on these bits, and more importantly these segments could be served without the need to run the bus the whole length. This is a standard fleet optimisation strategy on trunk routes.

I will see if a data collection system can be in place starting next week. I am getting aggregate data at the moment, which is indicative, but it would be much more efficient to work with segment data.


Kanakapura Road Big10 - routes and schedule details?

 Dear Sir,

     I travel from Jaraganahalli on Kanakapura Road to Richmond Town and back.
     I know that a Big10 runs on Kanakapura Road to Corporation.
     But, I don't know if any of the HOHO service runs from Corporation to Richmond Town and back?
     Also, I don't know the timings of these buses - whether they ply during my office hours?

     So, can somebody give me links to see these details?

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