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Traffic Violations - Will this work?

Bengaluru Traffic, what a mess!!! Somehow i am convinced, that one of the key element to make a difference is to ENFORCE traffic rules. That being said it looks like our police force is ill-equipped and poorly staffed to carry out the enforcement in all corners of Bengaluru. I was wondering if this will work? I had posted as a suggestion on the BCTP (http://www.bangaloretraff...) to allow uploading of photos which clearly shows the traffic violation and the violator. Idea was that if i/we provide the police the proof, they will follow up and take action on prosecuting the violator. It should work in my opinion because we already have various junctions where photos are clicked automatically when skipping red lights. To my suggestion, the BCTP automation responded with this reply.. " dear sir you can post it to or where violations will be entred. enforcement officer " I was surprised to see the undersign "enforcement officer". Well that seems a good clue, our police department understands enforcement:)!! So will posting of the photographs to these emails work? Or will it just accumulate and die out in some server? What should be done to make it work? Wondering if all citizens start posting it, will it make a difference? comment guidelines

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