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'Need for innovation in urban road infrastructure planning'

In to days Times of India article Mr. Praveen Sood Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic) has articulated his concern about the pedestrians and the problems faced by the traffic police in enforcing the traffic rules. In democracy people get what they deserve.

Mr. Sood also says “signal free roads will become a reality by creating flyovers, under passes but not through lip service.”

There is thus a need for innovative thinking, in urban planning. This is to plan the city in such a way that people have access to the main arterial roads only at points where there are well designed pedestrian under passes, or traffic lights. Take for example the 100ft road indiranagar or any main arterial road in Bangalore, where the main shopping arcades are situated all along the road. Thus there are people all along the road which is supposed to be a main arterial road where the motorists have the preference. Thus not segregating the motoring vehicles from pedestrians is a bad urban development practice.

CISTUP is getting a good chunk of money for Traffic research which is a multi disciplinary area. Various government agencies like the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), BMTC, KSRTC, NEKRTC and NWKRTC are the stakeholders in the centre and have contributed to the corpus fund of Rs 30 crore. The centre will run on the interest generated from the corpus fund, besides course fees, training fees and consultancy fees, and will not spend any part of the corpus fund.

In my blog I have tried to discuss some of these points. Look for article title  “Urban Development with Zoning for minimizing traffic entropy.” in the blog: in case the link is not wotking.

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We have a good chance with Mr.Sood

'...more flyovers, underpasses...' sounds scary. Scarier than lip service.

Mr.Sood is one of the knowledgeable officers we have in the State. He could contribute a lot if he is allowed to. Lot of initiatives took shape at Mysore were during his tenure.

A people-centric approach rather than a traffic-centric approach would surely work. Unfortunately everyone remains oblivious to this very obvious aspect of a liveable city.

Of late, news about commuter rail, SWR reaching out to BIAL and HSRL being abandoned have been soothing to an extent.
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Who is not "allowing" Mr Sood?

Arun, why would you say that he is not being "allowed" to contribute?

  • Why is it that he (or his team) has done such a magnificent job of taming the yellow cabs and private car drivers on Nh7 beyond Hebbal, but he can't launch any serious enforcement drive within the city?
  • He is credited for taking initiatives at Mysore.

Is it that crowded and overlapping jurisdiction and interests are a problem for anyone to do serious work inside Bangalore city limits? Just look at the number of people with interests or overlapping jurisdictions on his domain (traffic management)

  • a special minister in charge of Bangalore,
  • ABIDE member
  • CM himself,
  • BBMP, BDA commissioners,
  • state cabinet ministers hailing from constituencies within the city
  • Local MLAs

I am beginning to think that this "crowded" leadership is the root of most problems in managing affairs of our city? This is probably why a Mr Sood, or a Mr Manivannan, or a Mr Gupta can do things to Hubli, Mysore and Shimoga, but not Bangalore.

That is, I am only talking at the babu level. comment guidelines

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