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Tippu Sultan's Monuments

ssheragu I came across a News Item that our BSY government is planing to shift some Tipu monuments near Srirangapatna that are in the way of Broad Gauge track While the laying of Broad Gauge track is most welcome, it should ot be forgotten that Hyder Ali & Tipu are some of our earliest freedom fighters. Hence shifting these monuments for the sake of track laying is not at all justfied and is totally against nationalism; in fact it is totally anti-national the govt. can definitely lay the racks by bypassing these areas, even it means a slight increase in the length of tracks I hope that we the Praja members can take up this cause thanks Srinath Heragu

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Provide Details

Dear Sir, Could you tell me where did you read this news. Since you feel so strongly about it I would like to research a bit on this!!
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For God's sake, let's complete the track!

This has gone for so many years , I have almost given up hope! Move the mounment elsewhere in Sriranagapatna and get this thing moving double quick.Benefits in terms of Development all cities along the track, improvement in trade and commerce, decongestion of Bangalore, reduction in diesel and petrol consumption, reduction in pollution to acceptable levels and cheaper and faster transport are few of the utility one could list. Please do not stop this important eceonomically sound project for one reason or other. Let's put a deadline and complete it. A progressive leader- Even Tippu would have removed any obstruction.
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Tipu's Monuments

ssheragu I saw this in DECCAN HERALD, a few days back The exact date, if you want, I can let you know thanks for your interests Srinath Heragu
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Tipu's Monuments

ssheragu I saw this news item in the DECCAN HERALD dated 7-12-2008 (Sunday) on Page 4 thanks Srinath Heragu

Monuments can be shifted

The great Egyptian treasure, Abu Simbel was shifted. More about the relocation here:

I had a look at the Armoury that is a bone of contention between the Railways. It is true that if land is acquired, the curvature would not be conducive for turning the rail. It will become nothing more than a roller coaster ride.

Shifting the armoury is much easier and minimally invasive. If Abu Simbel can be shifted, a smaller monument such as the armoury can be shifted.

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Monument shifting - dont

 Still stuck on the monument. I dont think we should shift the monument. The track can easily go over the existing line for the stretch where the monument is. 

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Why was this monument overlooked while planning?

The bane of our planners is that they sit in some place and plan something without properly understanding the topography, people's emotions and sentiments of places they are living etc.  They should not be so insensitive and take it for granted that such things need not be given the due importance.

- If alternate arrangement is possible and we can retain the monument for posterity, why not think and plan accordingly?  Let there be a semblence of value attached to our heritage, culture and traditions.  If we go on destroying all things in the name of development, we may end up in a land bereft of archaeological marvels.

- Vasanth Mysoremath


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Tipu's monuments - shifting them


I am fully in agrement with Tweetenator & Vasanth

Rather all three of us are in full agreement and fully appreciate that there is no point in shifting mounments in the name of development;

the development is not going to stand still, if the monuments are retained in the same location for posterity and the ralway track takes a detour causing a small increase in distance

we should all appreciate that,  all said and done and in spite of diverse views about him , he was one of the earliest freedom fighters, who fought against the English.

so due respect should be given to each and every soul who has been a freedom fighter and nothing should be done to spoil or relocate their monuments

in fact we can name major highways in the names of freedom fighters like Tipu, Kittur Rani Chenamma, Bhagat Singh etc. and the toll collection (part of it) can be diverted to Tipu Wakf Board or other boards and thus help in the descendants of these valiant fighters maintain their glory

many thanks

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