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Mangalore Real Estate - Looking Up

Real Estate prices in Mangalore have been increasing by leaps & bounds. An article in TOI today (15th/Oct) states that several 1-crore-plus apartment blocks are being constructed with heavy demand. This is astonishing since all Metros are facing a slump & prices have in fact dropped in certain areas, such as Whitefield in Bangalore. Those that have invested in resl estate in Mangalore have been lucky.

MUDA not like our BDA

There is a lot of criticism about MUDA (Mangalore Urban Development Authority). Some people native to Mangalore who are resident of Bangalore complain that MUDA does not even has as much teeth as BDA does. In their view, BDA does form *some* layouts time to time atleast. But MUDA does not even do that. Second, because of the recent success of Bajpe International Airport, a lot of Mangalorean NRIs in the Middle East have started purchasing / investing in Mangalore real estate. Still, Mangalore, due to it's low population density is much cheaper than Bangalore, real estate wise. For example, it is not uncommon to see ads in Mangalore real estate citing Rs. 1 lakh for a cent (435.6 sq ft). At that rate, a simple 30X40 site works out to around Rs. 3.5 Lakhs - registration included. For comparision sake, even a simple 30X40 site in the outskirts of Bengaluru can cost atleast Rs. 20 lakhs! comment guidelines

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