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10 Lakh Employment Oppurtunites in Karanataka !

It seems there is good news for our youths in terms of employment opportunities. Karnataka government has announced measures to employ about 10 lakhs. I wish and pray that government sets a new and unique trend of living upto its promises. This news was reported in Deccan Herald today,


Ten Lakh Jobs by 2009 in Karnataka: CM

(Deccan Herald) -

Karnataka government aims to provide 10 lakh jobs by 2009 through jobs fairs which will focus on both employment and training, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa said on Saturday.

The fairs would be conducted throughout the state including districts.

Yeddyurappa said a budgetary allocation of Rs 25 crore has already been made for employment and training and "if need arises, another Rs 25 crore will be allocated for the purpose in the next budget". .......


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The past experiences tells that such announcements have remained on paper only. Not sure what happened to the funds allocated for training programs, institutes and budget allocations? On a deeper analysis, one could realize that most of such announcements were just like election promises. Nothing was based on a thought process and need of the hour. Even ones that are based on some well intended purposes, somewhere it lacked the needed professionalism and execution. Since our govts are laden with corrupt practices and culture, such schemes became the means of scams and looting. This situation can not remain in status quo.

 Bolstering the existing technical institutes a good step in line with establishing the new ones. But what in reality these institutes need much more than mere buildings & people. It needs a right academic infrastructure and curriculum inline with current market needs. These institutes also needs to be world class not just airports. Recent reports gives horrific tales of crumbling state of these institutes. I do not know if we have any reasonably good hostel for students in Bangalore maintained by govt. Reports tells us that existing ones's area no better than toilets in KG bus station.

Establishing just institutes doesn't solve the problems. They need to be supplemented with good and clean environment, fully furnished class rooms, faculty, fully equipped laboratory, library, auditoriums, playgrounds, staff rooms and security apparatus. The institutes can remain islands of its own. It has to have a link with the industry and business. It has to have the connectivity roads and highways with industry and the world.

Also there should be opportunities and facilities for continuous upgradation of one's skills and knowledge.

I recommend that apart from these measures, the present government would do Karanataka a favor by concentrate on building and providing that necessary infrastructure that would boost the trade and economy right from an interior village to city like Bangalore. Somebody who is living in a village should not miss any incentive that a urbanite enjoy in cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore etc. The task is not difficult if not easy. All it needs to focus on is:

  1. Transport Infrastructure for Travel - Reliable and affordable bus/train service from remotest place
  2. Transport infrastructure for goods and commodities - Good roads, rest areas, lodging, transfer facilities, road/accident assistance, highway patrol,  etc.
  3. Marketing support for agriculture produce
  4. Health care facilities availability within reach with money and time.
  5. Educational facilities within close proximity
  6. Clean Drinking and Sanitation facilities to all.

The development due to which, a doctor, nurse, teacher, municipal worker would not mind staying in village without having to worry about his family needs for health, education etc.

It needs to be noted here that, creating or upgrading infrastructure for every item listed above will create tons of employment opportunities. But what is important is how sincere are the plans, designs, execution right from CM to the contractor who executes these projects.


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