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Who is accountable?

Its not uncommon that we get to read articles like this ( on open drain deaths. I have always wondered why no one is held responsible for such crimes, where as its a clear case of neglect by the local bodies. One reason i can think of is that most deaths which occur in this manner usual involve poor labourers who dont have the knowledge or the know-how or the money to hold someone responsible. But we as educated and responsible citizens should not turn a blind eye to such cases, why cant we do something about it and prove the concerned authorities guilty? In other words file a criminal charge against them for neglect leading to death. or are we waiting for someone close to us  to fall prey. I wouldnt  want to talk about world class infrastructure for making a city liveable where children still die choking in muck in open drains.

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I have same questions

Fixing accountability in some legal ways is a question I myself have had for long. I was hoping some law school grads or students would throw some light on this - can we sue state (I mean a government body) in our country for things like these?

Can I sue BESCOM if my appliance burns down due to a voltage surge?

Can I sue BDA if my car hits a big brick left in the middle of Outer Ring Road Road near the site of a road improvement project?

Can I sue BBMP for not enforcing parking laws on Kalyana Mantapas near my house thus causing me inconvenience on wedding days?

I may sound like digressing from the topic of your post here, but to me, these are related. When it comes to providing services to citizens, besides making them answer in parliament, Vidha Sabha like place, what are the other ways of fixing accountability?

I don't have any answers, only questions on this subject. Forget poor laborers, do the educated and informed people like us have any legal help in fixing and forcing these accountabilities? comment guidelines

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