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Monthly Praja meetings at Bangalore?

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A lot of activity goes on behind the scenes here that doesn't show in blogs and forums. Not that members want to keep things private, but things tend to start via emails or conversations between island groups of members, and there is just no time to post everything in detail. A few posts may have given some hints, but sample this for the things that some members are trying to do via emails and SMS'es that I know of

  • A white paper on decongestion for Bangalore
  • Planning a presentation/PIL on "How lack of a real LTA is hurting Bangalore"
  • The BIAL-RTI effort
  • Meeting with Lokayukta to pursue ways of helping him
  • Road standards working group - interaction between some members
  • Creating place for "tourism/recreational" type posts on the website
  • That pending meeting with Mr Albert Brunner before he leaves
  • Technical feature requests for website (a few threads)
  • Meeting with BWSSB about their big project
  • That meeting with Ashok Kheny (lost momentum, no time to do the rescheduled meeting)
  • Meeting with Mr Rajeev Chandrashekhar/ABIDE (his secy said he'll get back, and slowly, we have lost momentum here as well)

Now, I am sure there are a few other activities that either I don't know of, or have forgotten to list here.

Shall we start a recurring open Praja meeting where members meet face to face to just keep the momentum going on various activities. We'd meet to update each other on our activities and ideas or may be to just know each other by meeting in person. These would be open meetings so that new members can get to meet others.

Let us see the interest levels before we plan the first meeting. Knowing the profile of most members here, how about

  • Second Saturday of every month, early morning time (7:30 am). Or is once a month a bit too much? If we get to meet on the sideline of some other event, no need for a meeting that month.
  • Venue: either at a volunteer-host's house, or at Lalbagh of Cubbon Park

Essentially, let us change from "we will meet for significant events" to "let us just meet regularly".

What say? One meeting a month wont hurt, is it!?


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praja meeting !!!

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Hi all.. That was a really good suggestion to gather in a public place to discuss on issues as mentioned and others. It will be really great to discuss and make a step immediately. I would like to join for the meeting. Please keep us posted about the schedule.



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Go for it.....

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Good idea. There is no substitute for a face to face meeting. Start with once a month and can always fine tune depending upon the need and progress. Please do allow users like me (Remote) also to participate in the meetings.

Second Saturday works fine with me.


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Praja Meetings - A Great idea

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This is a great thought. A meeting appx'ly once each month in some public space, convenient for all, will bring folks "closer" & go a long way in promoting these efforts.

A few (not many) are presently pursuing some efforts purely dependent on their own initiatives, interests, & above all, is subject to investment of their valuable time & many activities, as listed by you, are done mostly behind the lines. Whilst this is commendable, "group efforts" are few as participation levels are not high enough. This can be addressed better with such regular meetings.

I welcome these meetings. How about others ?

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Lets Meet

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I am all for it. It is aways good to have face to face interactions.
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Let's do it...

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Saturday early mornings in Lalbagh / Cubbon Park... Couldn't have been better :)

Let us 'Just do it'!


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More the merrier

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Okay then. Lets try the meeting for a fe wmonths and see how they work.

Dec 13, Sat, morning 7:30 am at Lalbagh. Will post an event once more people reply.

Yes, face to face is always nice.

Photoyogi had a nice suggestion that attendees should try bring along guests form our localities, like local RWA members/secretaries, or just enthu friends.

Syed, skype doesn't work great over Tata Indicom cards. If we meet indoors at someone's house, will sure do skype.

Meanwhile, I am enquiring the costs for 5-10 line teleconf facility.

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can conf on our mobile

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If we go to Airtel, they can enable conference facility on your mobile itself, for which upto 6/10 people can call in at one time. For the 10 people, you need a higher class of phone.

Have used this and it works satisfactory.

The service is Rs 100 a month or something. There is no additional call for conferencing.



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Long Overdue perhaps

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Nothing like face to face meeting, in each city. We could keep both options open viz at public places like Lalbagh and at residences of interested members. This will help to keep the interest of members alive.

13th Dec 7:30AM at Lalbagh is OK for me.
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This was due...

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I already feel the fresh morning saturday breeze and a nice hot cuppa tea. Followed by nice breakfast in...sorry guys just got carried away!! Yea, lets meet sometime. Always nice to meet face to face and have more of group ideas rather than many seperate ones. Dec 13th 7:30 AM should be fine with me..
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Can i come?

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I am relatively a new member (i think). Is it ok for me to come or should i be a member with a special status or something? i dont know.. seams like only certain people meet regularly (going by various posts of minutes or previous meetings). Great idea to meet. Can we have an agenda and protocol of conduct for these meetings? For example, the meeting time can be for about 2 hours. The first hour can be general update hour- a recap of last meeting with the action plan for last week, follow up update on the action and results. The second hour can be- the goals for the week, action plan, strategy and discussions on any special concerns and new intiatives. If you guys would like, i can take up some coordination responsibilities.
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come on, all are welcome

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Ananth sir, take it from me that only special privileges some Praja members have are all to do with technical work and duties on the website. Besides that, all are equal, separated only by their levels of enthu and availability of time.

PS: Perhaps, some day, many many years away, these Praja meetings will have to be moved out of the city to prevent people clogging at Wilson Garden and Jayanagar! :)


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Ha !

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SB - Uh-hoh, we never thought of this !!!

But then, I am sure that by then, our people will be able to move about freely with less clutter on our streets since Praja would have ensured this first of all, unlike JD !!

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use codes to find members. ideas...

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Hey SB, thanks. Will be there Dec 13, 7:30 at Lalbagh.

So, now how do we identity the members? some kind of code? here are some examples:

a. Maybe we should get a praja anthem, much like the family songs heroes use in the movies to locate kidnapped family members (mostly sisters, sometimes brothers and wife.) b

. All praja members will use code questions like "do you have a matchbox?" while the other should reply " i have only box, no matches... matchless box, if you will!". if you hear someone saying "smoking banned saar" then, he is not a praja member.

c. All praja members can be carrying unlit cigarettes. No police can fine you, as you are not smoking technically.

d. Or we can just meet at some pre-defined point. ;)

Better ideas?
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event posted

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ananth, there is thing called mobile phone you know, thats how we usually connect for our meetings. but that was funny!

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Hey, that message was on a

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Hey, that message was on a light note.
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7:30 am?????????

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I will have to leave from my college at 6 then SB :( I really wanna be a part bt donno hw will i manage........


Deepika N Bhardwaj


Deepika N Bhardwaj

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would like to join

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hi, i'm a new member. i would also like to join the meeting.early morning in any park ... is gr8 idea and gud for health. --- Is there any badge or so. This would help me to recognize u all. ---- If it is not there, is there any specific place in lalbagh where u meet. --- Is there any contact person/number i can call, in case i couldn't find u. Please let me know ur thoughts at the earliest. thanks, srinath comment guidelines

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