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Accident nation

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There was a report in today's TOI on accidents in India. 125,000 people lost their lives in India in road accidents. India tops the list in road deaths in the world. China has managed to bring DOWN road deaths from 2005 to 2006. In India this has gone up from about 106,000 to 125,000 from 2006 to 2007. India contributes to 10% of global road fatalities with only 1% of global vehicle population. In contrast about 1000 people lost their lives globally in air accidents with about 2 billion people flying. Which is why there is a saying that you are more likely to die on the way to the airport than in a plane crash (could not be truer when we talk of the road to BIAL).

Karnataka had about 9000 of these deaths. Bangalore had about 1000 of these deaths. Apparently Bangalore's traffic fatalities have doubled in the last 7 years. TN and Maharashtra lead among states. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable and contribute to 50% of the fatalities. There were a few reports over the last few days where people waiting for buses, etc were knocked down by taxis. Uneducated drivers (including the ones with degrees), poor road design, lax enforcement, more and more powerful cars make up for a deadly cocktail.

Advertisements for cars and bikes show drivers driving fast and cutting through traffic, etc. Why do we need cars that go 140 kmph. the speed limit in the US ranges from 100-110 kmph on interstates. Someone mentioned that unless politicians and their families start dying in these road accidents, nothing will happen.



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Not Surprising At All

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These stats are not surprising - I think bangalore leads the pack in terms of pedestrian deaths per million population (or should we say per thousand ?) in large cities.

This is all the more reason for us to move on with our PIL. The authorities could'nt care about road related deaths. All they care about is more contracts for flyovers to enhance their chances for more oppurtunities for kickbacks.

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Dreadful accident this morning in Delhi

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Saw this on the news this morning.  A family of 5 were killed when a speeding Tavera hit their Maruti 800.

If you saw the news on TV, the impact was such that the Tavera had managed to overturn and was some 50-60m away from the Maruti.  The Maruti was wrecked out of shape.  Blood all over. 

We are a savage nation once we sit in our cars.  What will it take for the Parliament to pass tougher laws on this - a drunken driver who kills should be given a life term.  



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Speed Limit

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Lets not judge the whole lot from a sample. Not my views but this is what pakistan govt. is singing these days.

The vehicle was u-turning.

Was there rumbble strips before the median.

Was the median sign visible. Was the road furniture visible.

How can an eyewitness say that the guy was drunken? Being drunken makes for an excuse. If the guy was sober his "act" of negligence is more punishable. Parliament should not waste time on this but the judiciary and the police should follow it up to its logical conclusion.




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Accident Causes

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So, why do accidents happen? 80% of road accidents are caused human error say senior police officials, according to a news report in the TOI today. Although no nationwide study as to the causes of road accidents in India is available on the internet, there are smaller studies which confirm these findings. 

Well, we all know how easy it is to get a driving license in India. Also punishment for errant drivers is light. A bribe is all that needs to be given and the rash drivers are free to go. Indians are known for their high degree of patience, but do we have to be patient where rash driving is concerned? No. Some drastic action needs to be taken. comment guidelines

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