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Alternative to Tree 'Cutting'

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We see a lot of discussion these days about this tree 'choping' business. If us, and our beloved civic agencies are really that concerned about them, why can't we look at the alternatives. How about 'moving / relocating' them instead? (Let us say to the going to be empty race course or 10 ft by the side to clear way for Metro on Nanda Road) Hold that thought.... I can see how many of us start to think in the lines of 'how', 'impossible', 'not in India', 'costs are astronomical'..... Knowing consequences of felling thousands of trees, I think alternatives need some consideration.

I have seen big, I mean real huge oak trees moved in the US. Look at the links below, and let us discuss cost later. Mind you, Metro Costs us tens of thousands of crores. If we can move a thousand trees at a cost of 1 lakh a piece, it will cost us just around 10 cr.

A project to relocate ~2000 trees:

Some pictures:

Quick Google search reveals that there seems to be some activity in India too:

Of course, the relocated trees need to be nurtured to ensure survival. Read this Express India Article.

What say?



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BMRCL is not new to this..

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Infact as we can recollect they made a big drama with much fan fare where some trees were replanted from MG road..dunno what their status is now..

However Blr has mostly rain trees whose roots dont go deep but grow wide..there will be practical difficulties doing that..

..and my personal opinion is even after cutting these trees..if we plant more trees immediately around the wont be too long that they start spreading their canopy..its this inaction from the authorities thats painful!

Maybe we as praja can do something around this! 

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Penny-wise Pound Foolish-BMRCL-replant trees or re-route metro

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Dear All

Time has come to put our foot down and stop BMRCL/other authorities who are chopping down more and more decades old carbon sink greenery in the name of Metro/Road widening.  

They should know that one grown up tree is capable of giving oxygen to a person for 134 years;

Is it worth destroying such invaluable assets for creating monstrous concrete structures that spew Carbon Dioxide, plays havoc with climate change, bio-diversity, global warming and global dimming?

Let us start giving solutions instead of stating the obvious and the authorities brushing aside such complaints without a care:

(1)  If it is absolutely necessary to remove a grown up tree, authorities must find a suitable place, prepare the site, if the tree is huge, conduct tree surgery under proper guidance, scientifically move the tree with its main roots intact and replant them, arrange caretaking system till they start sprouting.  This will ensure that the tree will not be destroyed once and for all.

(2)  Many Rain Trees have outgrown their size and some of them in major parks need to undergo tree surgery; nothing grows properly under their vast shaded area; if surgery is conducted, it allows them to grow vertically and enough solar energy touches the ground beneath and enables growth of other species.

(3) Land is scarce and available soil in urban areas can be better utilised by periodical removal of dead wood or old trees, plant in their place species that attract flora and fauna like butterflies, birds, bees, insects, animals and yield nectar, flowers, fruits, seeds etc., as also herbal and aromatic species.  Plant in urban parks, in a cluster format, fruit bearing trees/shrubs like Singapore Cherry, Atti, Arali, bevu, bilvapatre etc. 

 - A pilot project "BRING BIRDS BACK TO BANGALORE" was successfully launched on 8-2-2008 in Gayatri Devi Park in Rajajinagar area by BBMP in association with Public Vigilance Forum, an NGO of Rajajinagara. The undersigned had designed and developed read made nests from waste wood that have been hoisted on tree tops for birds' 'housing scheme', drinking water tub-cum-bathing facility, birds corner, bees corner, butterflies corner etc.  This effort has been highly successful and a recent reality check by a private TV channel showed marked improvement/increase in the avion population and regular users have certified that the sounds of birds in the evening has reached a crescendo. This BBBB project has been replicated in major parks in Dollars Colony, Raj Mahal Vilas, etc., and are scheduled to be conducted at Yelahanka, Rajarajeswari Nagara. This BBBB has become a green project initiative and has been included in BBMP annual programme. 

Contact: DCF/Horticulture Cell/BBMP if any of you want to replicate BBBB in your area. 

(5) Citizens have started a number of greening efforts and the Tree Patta of BBMP must be given due importance and propogated more.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

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