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Say no to corrupt Ministers

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 Corruption has become endemic. Worse, and this is the really sad part, we have come to accept it as a way of life.

This statement is 100% correct. We have come to accept it as a way of life, because it is 100% true. It is a known fact that elections are won on money power. It is a business to make huge money investing big money. It is known that each MP spends any where between a couple of crores of rupees during elections. There is no way to stop this. Probably the American system may be worth considering for election funding.

Here is a small talk about Kumaraswamy an ex chief minister. How he became one is history. He went to Sonia and said “sorry madam the mistake was entirely due to my Father that we did not have a pre poll alliance. Please make me Minister for Mines so that I can take care of Reddys of Karnataka." However Rajasekar Reddy of Hyderabad told Soniaji that it is due to the Karnataka reddys funding that he won so many MPs from Andhra for her.

Here is one about desilting of open drains. Normally at the time of monsoon the open storm water drains get the attention of BBMP. They took a lot of sand from the open water drain in front of my house and dumped the waste on the pavement as is the practice every year. This time I requested the superwiser to remove the waste. But the action is yet to happen. I gave a written complaint to BBMP engineer two days back. No action till now. I will have to go to our Local MLA Mr. Raghu. Let us see what happens.

The PWD contracter when contacted by the BBMP engineer wanted to know my name. I am waiting to meet this chap to give a piece of my Mind. 



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Say no to stopping vehicles for Ministers to pass through

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Yesterday I travelled from Mysore to Bangalore. On reaching Nayandahalli, I got down the bus and took an Auto. Our Auto was stopped even to move out of auto stand by the traffic Police since a minister was arriving on that road with lots of Pilot Gypsys and minister himself (could not know who was it) in a nice Chevy Captiva.

This blocked the entrie traffic on Mysore road and even the signal on Mysore Road - Nayandahalli junction was made blinking yellow for the minister to pass through. This created Chaos immediately after the minister moved.  I had to literally wait for 20-25 minutes in the auto.

We, Praja have to create a PIL and put it in the high court on preventing the 'escorting' of ministers which causes serious traffic jams.

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I agree to the point that we have come to accept corruption as a way of life if not voluntarily but because we are forced, but feel that we too are equally responsible for this situation.The prinicple here is Demand and Supply are direclty proportional to each other. This could be well addressed by creating a huge gap between the demand and supply.  We always try to point out the loopholes of the system as responsible civilians but nobody wants to put efforts to address the same. Who will bell the cat?

It is very easy to blame the system but most of the times we forget that we are all a part of it.

I would like to stress another point here -

Rules cannot govern the system always. It is the social acceptance that decides what and how the system works. To cite a very good example, even though the Dowry Prohibition Act came into force since 1961, it has made no much difference in the attitute of the society because society has accepted it as a way of life  ! And the theory that works here too is ..demand and supply.

Warm regards, Poornima.
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Praja's agenda for next government at the Center

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Dear All

please have a look at this link.

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