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Revamp of the Bangalore civic body.

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 Recently we discussed about high dividers and roads being made “Double roads” in a forum. The truth is that, the roads are two way traffic roads by default, to start with. Normally two way roads are made one way to take care of increased traffic density. There is sometime a need to iterate to satisfy the public demands. However making one ways as an after thought is not good town planning concept as such. It has to be catered for in the initial plan itself. If not what is the  town planning? All this of course is a manifestation of lack of foresight that is vision, in town planning. Town planning is a specialized subject offered to qualify Architects as “town planners”.

BBMP’s  Traffic engineering cell (TEC) has set a August dead line for completing 384 user friendly “High Pedestrian crossings” across the city. Traffic police have identified the location of these crossings.

The BDA is in charge of Bangalore “Town planning”. Why the traffic engineering cell is sitting at BBMP under a different control? Should it be at BDA? This is hard to understand. There are more authorities like BMLTA too, who talk about sustainable transport. I fail to understand what is Town planning with so many authorities around?

Ideally the BBMP should have Town planning and maintenance as its Major responsibility. All other departments should be executing what is planned by BBMP. Policing is for (1) maintaining law and order (2) Regulating traffic (3) Preventing Crime and (4) investigating crime etc. They will be consulted by the planners if required.

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