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Koramangala: Meeting with DCP Mookherjee

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Dear folks, as a follow up of our 'Memorial' meeting on 30 November held at WIPRO Park, we met Mr.Mookherjee (DCP, South  East Division) on 15th to discuss security measures in our area. It was a meeting that could be described as eventful, meaningful, and very encouraging, because at the end of a failrly longish interaction, every one came to the same conclusion, namely security and law and order can best be handled if there is participation by local citizens in some form or the other and that citizens can play a meaningful role enabling the Police to provide security. Mr. Mookherjee was candid in initially expressing his reservation based on his past experience that citizens cool off after one week or so. At end of the meeting he was not only more confident but enthusiastic that this time round we should together make it sustain.  We gave to the DCP a list of points, which were a summary of points given by some of the members. We told him that we appreciate some of the points mentioned may be outside his purview and need to be taken up with higher authorities, and we assured him of our support in taking these up to any level. These are given as attachment and in the text below.

It did come as a pleasant surprise to read in all the papers this morning, that the Commissioner Shankar Bidri has also spoken about Security in about the same vein as we have pointed out in our list given to Soumendu Mookherjee yesterday.


In the interim, Mr. Mookherjee will  send us a list of DOs and DONTs, and also what precise support he needs from citizens. These will be circulated as and when we receive them. In the menawhile, the following telephone numbers may please be noted for any emergency support from Police:
DCP Mookherjee - 25530284, 9900206714, e-mail:
Inspector Nagaraj - 9449174300, e-mail:
Control Room:
22943481/82. All calls are monitored by DCP and Inspector
Police Station- 22942570

If you find any offence being committed, including misbehaviour by staff as reported some time back in our group, please take picture and e-mail it to Inspector Nagaraj. He has promised to respond.

The Koramangala Initiative




Citizens perspective

  1. Would like to become eyes and ears of the police. How?
  2. Would like to become a part of watch and ward system of their respective areas in tandem with the overall security plan of the police for their area.
  3. Imperative that identity of informers not to be disclosed and their security is not ever compromised.
  4. Would like to get acquainted with various drills in the event of terror attack. Give us Dos and DON'Ts.
  5. Regular interaction with Police/Security force. Mechanism and frequency?
  6. Become part of dissemination of information network through mobile phones and internet
  7. Could become source of information of all new faces arriving in neighborhood. Mechanism?
  8. Help identifying all properties being used as 'Serviced Apartments' for control and detailed verification by police
  9. Provide information of all employees working in their premises. Free availability of forms

 What we expect from Police

  1. A friendly face when interacting with Citizens.
  2. NO harassment or intimidation of individuals being verified.
  3. Personnel receiving complaints/information should be proficient in English, Kannada and Hindi
  4. Names of officers to be contacted in emergencies with their mobile phone numbers and their areas of responsibilities
  5. Emergency telephone like  booths located at various places with hotlink connecting all 'Operational Officers' and offices of services, which will result in immediate and simultaneous reaction by various agencies. These booths can have their own distinct recognition codes that would immediately indicate the scene/place/area of occurrence.
  6. Visible presence of police patrols, with frequent interaction with senior citizens during patrolling.
  7. List out specific type of information police expects from citizens to maintain vigil
  8. Details of drills, DOs and DONTs, in case of various types of emergencies, including Fire Fighting.
  9. Periodic dry runs, mock drills and training of volunteers and citizens. Wide publicity and distribution of material to educate public on security matters.
  10. Visible activity of police conducting exercises after giving wide publicity to build confidence in public and create security awareness
  11. Detailed Instructions and drill required for securing(a)  Schools, (b) Multi dwellings,(c)   Malls & Shopping arcades, and (d)  Public places
  12. Periodic lectures on security matters in schools, educational institutions and offices
  13. Instructions and liberal distribution of proformas for Verification of domestic help
  14. Modernization of police station set up by    

               (a) Replacement of old weapons with automatic weapons

               (b) Positioning of a well trained dedicated force for rapid reaction. They should all have effective bullet proof jackets – not junk that gives them no protection

               (c) Improving physical standards of personnel

               (d) Under no circumstances should constables be deployed with sticks when    dealing with any terror handling situation.

     15. Improvement of and further image building of police staff.


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