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Urgent - need photographs for a PIL

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Dear readers, we need some urgent help for our ongoing Bangalore Masterplan-2015 PIL. We require photographs that show the adverse effects of converting a road of a residential area into "mutation corridor" (see below for what is this, or see the attached doc). If the photos can also show vehicles parked on the road and pavements due to lack of proper parking space, it will be great.

What is a mutation corridor? Here is some text from BDA website (Masterplan-2015, Landuse PDF, Article 5). If you want to help, and have any doubts, post a comment. Once again, the need is very urgent.

1.0 Definition of the zone:
The Radial Corridors and main Corridors of the city are designated as Mutation
corridor zones, predominantly having a road based development.

2.0 Master plan strategies:
• Promote Commercial office spaces and high density housing.
• Facilitating necessary setbacks required for future improvements of roads
and access.

3.0 Regulations for this zone:

3.1. Eligibility for the zone:
3.1.1 Plot/s shall face the Road with minimum of 30 % of average width of plot as
3.1.2 Plot upto 100.0m depth is eligible.
3.1.3 For a plot over a depth of 100.0 m, a public road as prescribed by the
authority during sanction process shall be provided to connect the
neighbouring areas.
3.1.4. If the plot does not meet the above criteria for the mutation corridor
the plot can avail the regulations of the respective main zone, in which it is

3.2. Minimum Plot size:
The minimum plot size of newly sub divided plot shall not be less than 500

3.3. Permissible land uses:
3.3.1 Main Land use category: C3
3.3.2 Ancillary land use category: R1, L2, U3
3.3.3 All ancillary uses are permissible upto 300 sq.m or 30 % of the total built up


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List of Mutation corridors

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Major Kapur, can you please post a list of mutation corridors in Whitefield, J P Nagar, as well as RT Nagar, Hebbal area. Kumarapark layout as well. Some of us who frequent these areas will try take pics.

Anyone else willing to help? Nothing much to do here - just take pics and upload them on your flickr account, or simply email them to Major Kapur.

For more reading, see the earlier post with details of this Masterplan-2015 PIL (should come up in "also read" box on left). IF you have more time, can read some material on BDA website. Or this as well: Expert Committee Report on revised Masterplan.

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Masterplan-2015: impact on residential environment

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If most people are not aware of what Master Plan is all about and how it is going to change their residential (living) environment, then please see the attachment (uploaded to the main post now). The impact is so damaging that all residential areas are bound to become concrete ghettos with no peace of mind for there will be no dearth of noise pollution, garbage creation, and people will have problems getting out of their houses without having to encounter traffic jams in front of their houses - all thanks to the Land Use Zonal Regulations as contained in the new Master Plan. And please do not forget that the security aspect of residences will get seriously affected with all the activity permitted to take place in Mutation Corridors abutting or even running tbhrough residential areas. That is why Citizens Action Forum and some RWAs have filed a PIL in the High Court, questioning the rationale and methodology employed before bringing out the Master Plan. It may be recalled that there was a draft masterplan, which was put to public scrutiny and comments/objections were invited. The BDA had also set up a Committee of experts to receive, collate, scrutinise, and recommend changes in the draft, based on the objections/suggestions received from public. Although the time given for public to respond was woefully inadequate, some 7000 of us made representations to the Committee. The Kopramangala Initiative even made a direct presentation to Mr. MN Vidyashankar, the then Commissioner of BDA. The Committee had made recommendations which are in the public domain and interestingly, even BMRDA, which is the final authority to approve BDA's proposals had also objected to introduction of some featrures in new zonal regulations, particularly in respect of those falling in Residential areas. The same have been overlooked without assigning reasons. In other words, the BDA has adopted a totally opaque method and we believe misguided the Government to finalise the Master Plan. There are ofcourse legal and technical grounds contained ion our PIL, but as citizens we are more concerned with how our quality of life is going to get affected with the new masterplan.

Mutation Corridor is among the new terminology being used by BDA to classify land use. These are monstrous phenomenons when passing through Residential areas. One can imagine the impact if you go through what Mutation Corridor means and what activities and level of activities that are permissible under this new classification. We have taken photographs of a few areas in Sadashivnagar, Banashankari and Koramangala, but would like to add some more photographs from other areas as well,  to show the activity already taking place in these corrodors with visible consequences on traffic and privacy/security of residences. These will form part of our PIL, which needs to be pushed urgently. I can send the maps later in the day, but in the meanwhile, you may like to have a look at the the list of permissible activities from the attachment, to give you an idea of what we are all in for, if we do not stop this monstrosity of a concept to be taken out of residential areas.

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On a different note for 2015 I found this link may be its a dup

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Guys I Found this link with amazing pics about plan to make Bangalore and other cities in Karnataka. Any thoughts? comment guidelines

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