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Meeting with South Western Railways

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Promoting a comment from this post to plan and track a meeting with SWR - {admin}

contact established (with SW Rly)

Just spoke to Mr T R K Rao, Addl Divl Mgr, Bangalore Division, S W Rly. Gave him a brief on PRAJA, and invited him to visit our web-site (Sir - a warm hello to you, if you are reading this) to get a clearer understanding of what we are trying to do. He has promised to do so, and revert to me to fix a meeting, possibly in the coming week.

The SWR heirarchy consists the Genl Manager ( Mr Praveen Kumar), who sits in Hubli, under whom comes the Bangalore Division, headed by the Divisional Manager (Mr Akhil Agarwal), followed by the Addl Divl Mgr (Mr T R K Rao).

Will revert after I hear from Mr Rao

Muralidhar Rao


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Murali, Vasanth et al - please plan the meeting here

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Have made this separate post to track your efforts to organize a meeting with SWR. We are looking fwd to it.

Best wishes

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I will not be in namma bengaluru for about two months. But i wish the participants the very best. Hopefully, this should set the momentum rolling for Commuter Rail. India, ranks #3 in terms of rail network size, but #18 in terms of capacity utilisation. I do not trust the railways when they claim that there is no existing infrastructure in the Bangalore Metro region that can support the kind of frequency needed for CRS. RITES, a railway affiliated concern itself has mentioned that CRS can be implemented.
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Will try to organize by next weekend

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I was out of town and didn't had access to net. Meanwhile next weekend or so I will try to arrange for the meeting.
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Any update on meeting with SWR?

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Is there any update on meeting with SWR? comment guidelines

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