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Urban and Real Estate Chaos - New urban policy on the anvil

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We all know how chaotic the real estate scence is in Bangalore. Nearly 99% of all buildings have some violations of some sort. Some are totally gross blatant disregard for the law and while others happily add extra floors and compromise on setback area and parking areas.

But most of the problem is due to poor regulations and poor foresight on part of lawmakers. Below is a set of opinions i posted on another forum:

Atleast the authorities now admit it - urbanisation in the past decade in Bangalore has been a disaster. I salute the integrity of Shri S Suresh Kumar, Honourable Minister of Urban Development, Government of Karnataka and Shri A Ravindra and Shri M C K Swamy, the lead authors of the book.

Mr Alain Bertraud, a researcher affiliated to the World Bank, writes in the following paper of about how flawed regulations and outdated planning have actually given rise to violations. Some urban architectural by-laws are ridiculously outdated in Bangalore and no wonder nearly 99% of the buildings in Bangalore are illegal!

Second more valid point the paper below makes is that due to height and FSI / FAR restrictions, the amount of built space is restricted. This gives rise to an artificial scarcity and hence specuative prices of real estate which bear no correlation to per capita income. This should sound familiar for Bangaloreans. comment guidelines

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