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Self reliance in Security and battlefield armory !

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We are in the midst of difficult times and circumstances with failing economy on one hand and safety of lives on another. In these trying times, one question that passes my mind is, why is that we are still dependent on other countries for our defense and security needs?

We have heard of defense service's research and development centers like ADE, DRDO, LRDE, HAL and host of other institutes. I am sure there is lot of research that goes on in these institutes. But the question is how much of the research that is actually converting into products that our defense sources can use?

It would be useful to understand what percentage of products that is used by our defense forces comes from outside India and what percentage comes from within India?

Within India, how much this comes from these research institutes?

Few years back there was an article in Rediff about usefulness of these institutes and their research. In that discussion, the author didn't spare even our Ex-president Dr. Kalam while he was at DRDO. Even recently there was some moves to determine their contributions to the cause.

I would look forward to a detailed analysis of these issues from our friends who have in-depth knowledge about this terrain.

Coming to the civil side, is there any study or data available to understand how much ofour private sector is involved in manufacturing of equipments and products other than daily consumables like uniform attire, housing and ration supplies.

I would look forward to our friends who are industrialists and businessmen, who could enlighten the Praja community with some basic facts on defense products in terms of:

  1. Why is there is very low percentage of private industries involved in equipment supplies to our defense forces?
  2. What is the reason that we still lack in producing basic protection gears and gadgets?
  3. What is that keeps India from producing its defense needs?
  4. In this hour of need would our Industrial houses and business community would lend a helping hand to government in giving what it needs for its defense needs?
  5. Will the private sector take the lead in research and development of security equipment, gadgets and supplies?

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