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Road Humps (Good & Bad)

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Bangalore is a good example for Good & Bad road humps. Though we have regulations in IRC (Indian Road Congress - but the humps in the city are being laid incorrectly in several areas.

From "The Hindu": ACP Mr. Praveen Sood has mentioned about a Pilot project on 'Road Humps' in Bangalore sometime back this year.

Respective Authorities has to take immediate action on this for safer drive within the city. I hope and wish there could be presence of our BBMP/BTP Authorities in this website to take necessary action.

Problems people face:

  • Accidents occur just because of invisible Humps/Sign boards for Hump Ahead.
  • Two wheeler accidents are quite common because of bad HUMPs.
  • Old/Senior Citizens, people with Health problems are majorly affected while crossing irregular road humps.
  • Vehicles get damaged or jam-med at BAD Road Humps causing unnecessary Traffic problems.

Possible Solution:

  • Remove or correct the existing BAD Road Humps in & out of the City to avoid/stop accidents.
  • A multiple/array of small road humps or WIDER road humps (not the taller/raised one's) would work well.
  • Strictly follow the standard for Road Humps as per IRC.
  • Install 'Signboards' or 'SPEED LIMIT' boards early before Humps are located.
  • Reflective Marking on the Road Hump 'V' pattern.

Raise your thoughts/opinion on this.
People can share about 'Bad Humps' in the city as comments and let our BBMP/BTP Authorities to take corrective ACTION.

- anent
Indian Citizen


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Rumble strips as per specs.

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The department of road transport and highways of the GOI in its circular RW/NH-11064/1/91-DO I Dated:28.06.96 have said that where speed control is inevitble rumble stips should be provided on HIGH SPEED corridors.

In effect it discourages the use of "Humps". Rumble strips are preferred.

Not withstanding what the specs say the new technology as per international standards can be seen at :




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Bumps and signboards

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"Install 'Signboards' or 'SPEED LIMIT' boards early before Humps are located."

Small note. If people followed signboards there would be no need for humps. A stop sign or a speed limit sign would do. 

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Unwanted Humps.

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Recently in the stretch between Agara and Outer ring road-Sarjapur road, there were three humps that were put up and it was causing the traffic to be delayed by one or two minutes.

I tried to understand why those new humps were required while passing through that stretch, I couldn't see a reason. Now after a week's time, it is removed!!! So it pretty much means that the people who put those, realized that it was unwanted and is causing problems.

One question what I have is who decides on where humps needs to be put up and whom to contact if there is some problem with the humps like humps without sign-boards or markings and also humps which hurts the belly of the car?
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Some white stripes please

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Agreed, the humps are not laid properly (except for few places, yes, they do lay humps very nicely in very few places; i have seen one).

Y dont they just paint the white stripes on it. At nights, its so difficult to even know about a hump unless you are a regular on that particular road. Even when you are regular, the new humps starle you. So, if they atleast paint some stripes, it would definitely help a lot.
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Examples galore!

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You don't have to go too far. Just take the Trumpet Interchange off Bellary Road, drive towards BIAL and see the examples yourself:

> how to build good roads

> how to put up signs

> how to construct a median

> how to put up speed breakers

> how to light up the road at night

> how to paint lane markers


> how our police can setup dangerous barricades without any caution signage or pelican lighting 

> how to park in a 'tow away zone'

> how not to go around a circle (round-about) and how not to yield to traffic on the circle

> how not to follow lane descipline

> how to honk in the middle of the night

> how to drive with high beam turned on in a well lit road

> how to squeeze a bright red Volvo between two santros on a two lane road


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