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We cant Merge!

TrafficTraffic jams

Bangalore has been hit by the merge blues. more than 70% of the so called Jams can be associated to merge, various types of merge. We create a merge out of left & right turns when we should wait for traffc to clear, we even create a merge in a roundabout when we should yeilding. We even create a merge at traffic lights when we should be standing in our lanes waiting for our turn.

Stray dog menace

Public Health

This past Saturday (11th June) morning, my son left home on his mobike at around 4.45, and as he was turning into the Shinivagilu village road, past the Ganesha temple (S T Bed layout), a pack of stray dogs attacked him. He dodged them and rode along, even as a few kept chasing. One of them took a snipe at his foot, even biting through his shoe, drawing blood.

Madiwala Market - Footpath encroachment, parking at no-parking, not even 1 lane left for vehicles out of 3 lanes, illegal vendor

I am not a regular visitor in general of the madiwala sabji market and even don't ride/drive/walk through the madiwala market road.

Blogathon Update

Praja related


Hello Everyone,

Wouldn't PRAJA have been a better option for BTP?


The Facebook page of the traffic police, set up two months ago, is a much-needed forum for Bangaloreans to bring the violator in uniform to book. More than 3,000 have already joined the page to share information and make evidence public. Many others are adding their comments.

CM requesting Planning Commission to sanction Commuter Rail on cost sharing basis

Commuter RailPublic Transport

With reference to Bangalore, Mr. Yeddyurappa said the Railways should take up Commuter Rail Project in partnership with the State Government on a cost-sharing basis.

The project would provide connectivity on the north-south and east-west access of existing surface rail lanes in Bangalore, he said.

RTO - Fountainhead of Traffic woes

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

 five permits were issued in different names against a photo of a single person (by the RTO)

... It is hard to believe that such a thing happens in a city like Bangalore


Commuter Rail starting service soon

Commuter RailPublic Transport


Massive step forward yesterday. Bestest meeting ever since we did the report last year so sharing this will all of you who have spent energy & effort in this cause. 

Efficacy of RTI Act


My repeated representations to the Police Commissioner, the Additional Commissioner-Traffic, as well as the Transport Commissioner, both written as well as oral, in the matter of strict enforcement of the M V Act, specifically with regard to display of vehicle registration number plates in English letterings/ Arabic numerals, as per prescribed standard, had all met with responses which essentia

Moral Policing just in the front of Actual police, Mr. Mirji, Is your effect over?


Saturday evening, I was in Apollo hospital to collect my health check-up reports, the apollo hospital in front of Jyoti Nivas College, Koramangala. When I was coming out, what I saw was very sad. Moral policing by NSUI just in the front of City police, It was like police was supporting NSUI members (law breaker or members of taking-law-in-own-hands).

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