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Where is the city headed?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Nobody has clue how 2020 or 2030 Bangalore Transportation should be MADE to look. Remember this is different from how it will look if left to go on like now.

Nobody wants to take responsibility for traffic

TrafficTraffic jams

The city's sanction process for malls and similar complexes is at the root of the rapidly worsening problem. Traffic management does not seem to be a concern in BBMP.

Ward 58 Laying of a new 600mm dia Sanitary Pipeline


The residents of HAL iii stage witnessed yet another Bhumi pooja on Wednesday the 29 June 2011 at 4th main road. Sri S Raghu MLA CV Raman Nagar Assembly constituency, Smt Sumitra Vijay Kumar Councilor BBMP Ward 58 and her husband Sri Vijay Kumar were present. The dignitaries were garlanded as usual as also several senior citizens.

Namma Railu Effect - New Delhi to have trains connecting nearby towns!

Commuter RailPublic Transport

If "Rediff" news items is to be believed, New Delhi will soon have "High Speed" A/C trains connecting Delhi and nearby towns. Every aspect of this proposal is what PRAJA's Namma Railu campaign has been so far.

BBMP and advisers - Sankey Tank Road Widening

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

<This is a post from an anonymous user who has chosen not to reveal his/her identity>

BMTC fare hike - mismanagement of funds?

BusPublic Transport

While there have been good inputs of routes and various features like Bus Day and other things going fine there was a huge blow-rise in diesel rates by Rs.3 a litre. Immediately there was a bus fare increase announced by the transport corporations-was this hike seriously necessary??

The 'Last Mile' myth

BusPublic Transport

I think the many repeated questions raised about 'Last Mile Connectivity' is more of a creation by the very large affluent private vehicle loving public in this city that loathes walking even short distances to & from bus stops, rather than reality.

Improving traffic flow on Residency Rd


The issue of traffic management in general and road-widening in particular touches on a particularly raw nerve for most of us. That the issue polarizes most, is evident even from recent discussions right here on Praja.

Praja Campaign Supporting "AADHAR" !


According to today's newspapers, the unique identity "AADHAR" is going to be issued in Bengaluru in coming days.

Deccan Herald -

ROB's & RUB's for Bangalore


To ensure speedy implementation of road overbridge (RoB) and road underbridge (RuB) projects at railway level crossings, the State government has recently accorded sanction to 60 proposed RoBs and RuBs in the State, including 12 in Bangalore, in one go.

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