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Bus Breakdowns Plaguing BMTC

BusPublic Transport

My 25 km one way daily commute for the past 10 months has meant covering a swathe of Bangalore's suburuban areas.  A common observation during this time has been seeing 2-3 BMTC buses broken down every day.  This includes buses across the spectrum.  Ordinary buses ranging from old to the relatively new JNNURM ones, Janti Vahanas (trailer buses), Volvos, Marco Polos etc.

Pre-announcing upcoming projects - contact us if interested

Public Transport

On behalf of Praja RAAG, wanted to pre-announce a few projects in the area of public transportation (most popular subject here) that are on the anvil. We will take a couple of these forward depending on interest levels and availability of enthusiastic individuals who have been driving such projects.

Feeder Bus Service - Malleswaram Example

BusPublic Transport

This Feeder Bus service is a very good idea. I hope it is successful. But how about suggesting to BMTC to create a local Feeder bus service in several areas. For example. In Mall-eswaram, there will soon be two huge Malls at both ends - Mantri and Brigade. They could provide a service which goes as follows.

Noticeably less activity on Praja related to Namma Metro

Metro RailPublic Transport

I began visiting and participating on Praja in 2008 when I was deputed outside the city on work, i knew i would get a clear view into our city through this website, I gradually increased my visits here and also participated in many discussions.

LPG Akrama


Draw you own conclusions on the state of the Banana Republic & make nte of all these people when you vote. 

The ministers, who opposed the ‘cleansing act’ of the department, reportedly told Shobha that she should not be unduely concerned about the ‘bogus connections’ as it was the Centre which was supplying the subsidised cylinders.

Tale of two railway stations - Hebbal Station in Bengaluru Vs Tanakallu Station in A. P

Commuter RailPublic Transport

During my recent visit to Bengaluru in Sep, 2011, I had the occasion to do a 'Train Trip' to Hosur along with other memebrs of Praja's Namma Railu Team. Along that trip had the chance to observe the various stations on route to Hosur from Hebbal Station. Here is the picture of Hebbal station.

Sustainable Mobility Award 2011 - Praja get special recognition from Volvo

Praja related

Praja got special recognition from Volvo at Sustainable Mobility Award 2011. Several Praja projects were nominated for the award, and all of them were appreciated together through the special recognition for Praja (the concept!) itself.

Reflections on the Lokayukta Report


This event took place on the 1st Oct. I was not sure if the invitation sent was specific to me, or open, and by the time I got an aswer to my querry to the same effect, it was too late to publish on PRAJA, as an event.

The discussion note circulated in advance read as below:

National PPP Policy 2011 - Draft for Consultation


The Union Finance Minister, in the Budget speech for the year 2011-12 had announced that It is our endeavor to come up with a comprehensive policy that can be used by the Centre and the State Governments in further developing Public-Private Partnerships.

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