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Autorickshaw - Case for a decent service and good business model!

Public Transport


Mere mention of word 'Auto' starts ringing the bell of many different voice. Don't these voices sound familiar?

Will you support a PIL against BBMP & BMTC or GoK transport ministry?

Public Transport

Are you pained by mobility situation in Bangalore, and think that it has not improved or worsened during last 5 years? If yes, then would you read below and answer these two questions?

Urgent need for single emergency helpline number!

Isn't it odd that we have to call different helpline for different emergency needs? In Bangalore, the listed emergency helpline numbers are:

Source -

Police - Dial # 100

Traffic /Accidents - Dial # 103

Kerala - Dumping waste made a criminal offence

Public Health

A division bench of the Kerala High Court on Monday directed the state police to register criminal cases against all those who dump waste on the streets.

Shaping Bangalore's periphery - before its too late

Public Transport

Our city, Bengaluru has a core, and periphery. Let us define the area bound between  Outer Ring Road as the core, and beyond as periphery. If you look back from nineties onwards, City planners cared for people to live in the core, and work in the periphery.

'Soft' measures to promote Kannada - the time is now?

Okay. I wrote this on Rajyotsava day itself, but didn't post for fear of generating the wrong kind of debates. Two weeks later, here it is.

de-cattle-class-ifying bus services

BusPublic Transport

Recently, I was required to make a few trips to Kochi. The options before me, and what each implied are listed below:

Karnataka Right to Services - Feedback. Summary - need money & IT


GoK may have pushed it to score points, may be that they rushed through the ordinance, but this is THE MOST important development in recent years on governance front. We all need to just get in on this to make sure this happens, and happens right.

Karnataka - Right to Services Act Bill proposal


Here is the full bill proposed by the GoK



Recce ride report - BMTC connects

Metro RailPublic Transport

Lets keep this post for BMTC related observations from our morning ride. Noticed a few things during the test ride this morning.

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