Pedestrian facility can become land marks for city

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Pedestrian bridge was unveiled in Lujiazui in the Pudong district of Shanghai. This large scale circular pedestrian overpass enables pedestrians to avoid traffic at the round-about terminus of Lujiazui Rd. The bridge provides access to the Oriental Pearl Tower connecting financiers to leisure areas such as shopping malls and cafes, a transit station and office buildings. The bridge sits almost 20 feet above the street, with numerous escalator stairway entrances and exits. The very contemporary design and long spans between columns provides a pleasant street level experience. Visitors enjoy the walkway for its privileged views of the city as well as its introduction of clean and easy foot transportation. At night the structure is illuminated to great dramatic effect.

The walkaway is 5.5 meter high and can fit 15 people walking side by side. Since it’s opening, it has become quite a tourist attraction.



Can Bangalore try for this type at Hudson Circle, Balekundri Circle ( Indian Express ), Silk Board Flyover. This will create urban space with pedestrian facility.





Hovenring, in the Dutch city of Eindhoven : Cycling & Pedestrian

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The Hovenring, in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, is a cable-stayed circular bridge for cyclists and pedestrians, and the first of its kind in the world. The 72-meters diameter bridge is suspended from a single 70-meter pylon located at the center of the roundabout by 24 cables, and appear to float over a large new junction for motorized traffic. With thin decks and conspicuous lighting, Hovenring is a new landmark for the city. At night the slender bike ring is lit from below to further enhance that floating effect.


Biggest $1.4 billion subway hub opens in New York

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Biggest $1.4 billion subway hub opens in New York : five underground subway stations

New York's biggest subway hub opened Sunday in lower Manhattan - a vital link between the new World Trade Center and the rest of the city.

Hundreds of thousands will enter what officials called Lower Manhattan's "next great public space."

Its soaring street-level atrium is encased in a glass-and-steel shell, with luminous interior panels leading to a skylight designers call the "oculus" - Latin for eye

This is type funding needed for good pedestrain facility and to enable CBD area to have  more citizens to walk on the streets.

Presently in MG Road its most unfriendly pedestrain street and even TENDER SURE will not take care as coplet baricade has been put at the center  of road so that Pedestrains can not access METRO side walk path.

I feel providng thee simple arctitectural Pedestrain crossing at Anil Kumbale Circle, Opp Barton Center and at Brigade road will attract more people to take Public  Transport to MG road for work.