Some myths about disciplined driving/drivers

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 I was thinking to clarify certain points to people who wanted to join DDC, just to clarify about myths/ wrong beliefs/feelings they might have come across.

  1. Disciplined drivers are slow drivers -> No. Even disciplined drivers do drive fast but observe speed limits set by authorities.
  2. Disciplined drivers are always in left lanes -> No. They can drive in any lane as per requirements.
  3. Disciplined drivers never change lanes -> No. They can/do change lanes as per requirements. Example, if an auto just moves in front with non-compatible speed, they /cando change lanes.
  4. Disciplined drivers are rude to others and impose on others. -> Depends on person. But essentially most of them are not. They mostly would not hurt others. But when irritated too much, may show unhappiness in gesture form, but no abuses.
  5. Disciplined drivers (should) never honk -> No. When situation arises, they can/do honk for self safety and other's safety as well.
  6. Disciplined drivers obstruct other vehicles -> No. But sometimes it happens if other drivers did not follow rules.
  7. Only old guys become disciplined drivers. Because they are scared to drive fast. -> No, all age people can/have become disciplined drivers
  8. Disciplined drivers are good only in good roads -> No. even in bad roads, disciplined drivers help in channelizing vehicle que (Read the cascading effect in APAD blog).