DDC Quiz - 1

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Well having practiced for few weeks now DDs must have come across various situations scenarios. Whatever I faced , I am asking you as quiz so that we know how a DDs would react to specific scene. For example today, I came across a scenario which I am asking DDs , how would you react.

Mark your answer as a comment to this post. Make sure that your answer is substanciated with logics. Some of quiz items may create ambiguity because of conflict between law, discipline, courtesy, common sense, prevailing conditions etc.


Location: Near Hosa Road. A barricade is setup without prior indication.

Traffic Condition: Heavy  and peak hour and you are in hurry to reach office too.

Situation : You are in middle lane. A (new??) biker has following left lane since Singasandra sinicierly. All of a sudden barricade appears, he is stuck up for a long. When you approach he tries to squeeze into your lane and honking recklessly. He does not even look at you to request for a way, but squeezing from your left. What would you do?



DDC Quiz

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I will not  allow him to pass through because of his reckless honking.  I will squeeze through.

r v raja rao


defensive driving

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I will let him pass through.

 Well i would probably let

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 Well i would probably let him go if i can see the barricade. I guess one can always make out to some extent why the person is trying to sqeeze into your lane, so if it seems fair enough then i think we should let them. We might have also been in the same situation as him at some point, so its only fair we let them. 



I might let him go if he is humble enough but not if he reckless

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I have also driven in US for a shorter time and generally if someone does something wrong or try to come into the right lane from the wrong one, generally it comes as a request and he is given the way to come into right lane. But we cannot apply the same to same logic here, but atleast if that biker is reckless, constantly honking and trying to squeeze in without any thought, I will not let him go if I don't see any danger to my car because of him, otherwise I have to let him go sadly.


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it is a merging situation. the biker or anybody else on the left path which is barricaded, has right of way. as traffic is stated to be heavy {i guess packed } , d technique is alternate merging. here, the biker has obviously waited when the vehicle in front of you { in middle lane } passed him, so he has the right of way. if i were in a hurry, i would check if it were possible to move over to the right to make space for d biker. if  that was not possible, i would give a customary honk to persuade him to keep waiting. but unless i m in a great hurry, and no one is honking hard beside me on d right, or behind me asking me to push ahead, i will yield n let him merge..

I would not let him go

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1) because he is squeezing from left

2) because he is honking relentlessly

3) because if I let him go despite above two, it is only going to encourage him to do the same thing tomorrow.

My honest answers. And now you know why I have still not put up the DDC sticker on my car :) I am not there yet !


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 This is what true reflection of diversity in thinking. And which is also a root cause for our driving habits, I guess. Same scene: different thoughts, different logics, different approach. And this is where we need rule of precedenses/priorities/guidelines from authorities so that we are not ambigious as what to do. But thanks all. Expecting more people to participate.. both answering and posting new quizes. :)

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"


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If lane is closed, and he waited for the vehicle in front of me to pass, I'd let him go. As someone suggested up above, it is a merge w/ equal rights situation. Honking is not a good behaviour, but just because someone is behaving bad, you don't take away his right. In the ideal world, everyone would follow me and there is no reason for him to honk. Better still, in an ideal world, you would not be surprised by a lane closing barricade! You'd have prior notice, but that happens in my dreams. 

Will try everything possible

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Will try everything possible to make sure he does not pass easily- will use every inch of space available to nudge my car through before him and move slowly so the vehicle behind me catches up and does the same, hoping the driver in the back too will pass on the baton until the idiot stops honking. I will do this only becasue he is honking like a maniac and he comes across like a senseless nincompoop. i know many of those.