Meet to Plan BPS concept paper, Jan 20, 9.30 PM IST

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20 Jan 2011 21:30

Transmog, Naveen, IDS, Albert, Shaheen and others (Karthik?) - with Jan 31 as sort of a deadline to hand over a Concept Paper on BPS to BMTC and BBMP, let us do that long pending meeting to exchange Q&A on BPS and plan collaboration on the concept paper.

  • Time: Thursday, Jan 20, 9.30 PM India Time.
  • Venue: Teleconference

I have created two wikis (find links to them on the project home page) to start an outline of the concept paper. If you are more or less ok with the outline, you could start contributing rightaway. If you have a drastically different idea for an outline, let us talk about it in the meeting, or just create a separate wiki with you suggested outline.

This is only for BPS project members who want to help with the concept paper. I will PM teleconference details to all folks who confirm attendance.


If this time doesn't work ...

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If Jan 20 doesn't work for a lot of folks, can look at other options also - just let me know. Let us try get the Project wiki going though. We can cut the wiki into multiple child pages if that will save us the hassles of concurrent editing.

1 meeting or 2?

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So is everyone meeting Monday night (9:30p IST) then...which works for me too. Will PM for details.

Posting before I appears like 335E could easily access (with some planning) the captive passenger load of Whitefield and Domlur TTMC(s) without actually entering them (atleast in Domlur TTMC's case).

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1 meeting, Jan 20, 9.30 IST

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As long as minimum 3 of us are on. Transmog, I would assume Naveen, and will SMS Albert and Shaheen.

PM'ing the conf details now. TTY at 9.30 PM IST.