Public Dicussion on Commuter Rail Service at Tumkur, Ramangarm, ITPL etc.

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Commuter Rail
18 Jul 2012 00:35
31 Aug 2012 00:35

This is the right time to build pressure on Govt / Railways to implement the CRS ASAP. First in these efforts is to conduct  CRS awareness campaign in B'lore and all teh CRS coverage area. Let us plan and oragnize few meets at Tumkur, Ramangaram, ITPL, EC, Hosur, Bangarper, Malur, Chikballapur, Dodballapur, Kengeri etc.

Looking forward to help from all the Praja Members? Please help.

If you have any contacts pls do come forward and help us organize public meets at all the above listed places.

For places like ITPL, EC, Weekdays would better as people who commute to these places for work can participate and have potential for more numbers.

I am already in talks with some contacts in Tumkur and ITPL. Looking forward to Ritesh and others who work at ITPL area?  On ITPL,  one Mr Sathya Narayan,  is  also taking interest. Lets see how this goes.

Plans for Tumkur is getting firmed up,  may be during next weekend depending on the availability of Mr Basvaraj Tumkur  MP.

On Ramanagarm,  Syed has given few leads to work,  will try for a meet at Ramanagaram through these contacts.

Need volunteers and help for meets at Kengeri, Hosur, Bangarpet, Malur, Chikballapur, Dodballapur?



Tumkur, got 26 people contact details who travell daily to B'lor

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Two days back received  list of 26 people who work in Bangalore and travell from Tumkur daily, mostly State govt employees.  They are willing to organise the meet  in  Tumkur on weekend  and Mr Ragotham Rao is co-ordinating the meet,  also planning to get Tumkur MP Basavaraj for the meet and public dicussion / awarness.

Publicity Material for distribution!

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Based on feedback from Last Sunday's meet, we need to print and organize lots of publicity material. Lets discuss over a phone call.

At bare minimum, we need the following for all these meets:

  1. A Package for Press people - Information on CRS both in English and Kannada
  2. Flyers for distribution in catchment areas - English and Kannada versions
  3. Brochures for distribution at the meet  - English and Kannada versions
  4. Posters, Banners - English and Kannada Version.



Please help the Namma Railu team in organizing these.