Yesvantpur - Yelahanka Doubling held up due Land not provided by GoK

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Here you can see the reply to RTI application on 

1. Yesvantpur to Yelahanaka ( 12 Kms ) is penidng due to Land not provided by GoK.

2. Yelahanka - Channasandra ( 12.9Kms ) tenders finalised but work not yet started.

3. Kolar - Chikballapur ( 96.5 Kms ) expetected to be completed in 2011-12.

4. Chikbanavar - Nelamanagala ( 14 Kms ( completed but no trains running.

5.  Bangalore - Whitefield  23 Kms : State Govt yet to respond on the  4 lane.

so it shows lack of commitmet from State Govt and  Center puting the blam on state.




What is the status of Allalsandra bridge?

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Any updates on Allalsandra bridge - wasnt the project supposed to start alteast a few months back? 

3-4 months back they laid an additional track at the junction and cut a few trees. Since then there has been no progreess. 



we citizen do not understand,

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we citizen do not understand, why GOK is so lethargic in aquaring/handing over the required land to Railways. yeswantpur to yelahanka double track with electricity is a must...hope ur CM act fast and does something...


DULT letter confirming on RITES study for commuter rail

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Draft report is expected onCommuter Rail for Bangalore in Feb'2012.

Looking forward to see the next step on this project.


Its time for Bangalore MP's to push the project with Center.

I Stay @ Sahakara Nagar,

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I Stay @ Sahakara Nagar, today i noticed that big trees were cut off @ the kodigihalli station ? is railways making way for new track - yeshwantapur to yelahanka ? any idea ??

Yelahanka - Chansandra Doubling work has been started

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Finally Yelahanaka  to Channasandra ( 13 Kms )  doubling work has been started couple of days back.  Work has been taken up on almost complet  segment of 13 Kms.

This capacity addition should  hlp in running trains between Yelahanaka to Whitefiled / Bangalore.

Similarly,  with opening of Nelamangal line by March'2012, should  help in getting commuter rail with SPV soon.

On the other segment of Yelahanaka to Yesvantpur, still tenders are called as the land has not been handed over by GoK to Railways.

YH1 is pushpull?

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YH1 today was sporting a new look, it had the aerodynamic DMU look, it was push pull about 3/4 coaches long & had Hosur-Devanahalli writen on it. Completely different non sleeper, local train type rolling stock this was. It was passing the rajagopal road/ring road crossing at around 9:45AM towards YPR. This means they should be able to pop into Byappanahalli for a stop instead of bypassing it, innit? This also means they dont need the engine changeover at Hosur & YPR, that should save them a neat 30 mins & maybe a chance to go upto Nelamangala/chickbanavara. Anybody know more about this change? 

i saw people working parallel

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i saw people working parallel to the existing track at kodegehalli (sahakara nagar) is yelahanka to yeshwanthpur double track started ? any news...

YH-1, YH-2 & YD-1 are running with DEMU Rake

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Now these threse services are run by DEMU rake and service level of these have improved drastically as the timings are maintained in all three without delay.

DEMU is old one which was used for Dharmapuri-Bangalore city - Chikballapur and now devployed for the YH-1, YH-2 & YD-1.  Its good move as the DEMU rake was almost waiting at Chikballapur station between 10AM to 5PM daily.  Now these three services will futher pick up as their will be hardly any delay on  running time.

As the report on Nelamangala station here

Yet to train their sights on Nelamangala rail line

The Nelamangala Railway Station can be considered a classic example of how a public utility, worth crores of rupees, has remained idle for four years. The railway ministry had allocated funds for laying the rail lines and construction of the railway station at Nelamangala. The objective was to provide succour for thousands of commuters who have been struggling to commute between Nelamangala and Bangalore.

MV Nagaraju, Nelamangala MLA, said that he wrote three letters to KH Muniyappa, minister of state for railways, to take measures for the inauguration of train service between Nelamangala and Bangalore, but in vain. “I had also reminded Muniyappa about the need to inaugurate the railway station. He had promised to look into the matter but nothing has happened till now,’’ said Nagaraju.
However, the railway authorities have included the train service in the list of train services listed at the City Railway Station. As per the board, the train will depart from Bangalore every day at 4pm. The board also indicates that the train service is yet to be started thus creating confusion among the railway passengers.

Meanwhile, Sudhansu Mani, divisional railway manager, South Western Railway, has said arrangements have been made to introduce a train service. “We are waiting for the green signal from commissioner of railway safety. We will introduce the train service as soon as we receive the safety certificate from the commissioner of railway safety,’’ said Mani.

The above move  of DEMu rake for YH-1   may be linked to opening of the Nelamangala track which was promised by MoS K H Muniyappa during few weeks back in Vidhansoudha.

Yesvantpur - Yelahanka doubling work has started

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Checked on the progress,  work of doubling is in full swing  after Lottegolhalli upto Allalsandra cross.  Similalry Yelahanaka to Channasandra  doubling is in full swing.  These will give good push for commuter rail.

Also RITES is getting ready for the Draft report submission to GoK soon for Commuter Rail. Finally Cikbanavar to Nelamanagal line is getting ready for opening by March'2012,  things are becoming more bright for Commuter Rail.


Re:What is the status of Allalsandra bridge?

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Well, a few days back, I saw two HUGE bridges being kept near Judicial Layout, so the response seems positive. Probably, they would build an underpass first at Judicial Layout, then divert atleast the city buses (without loss of integrity because these buses dont have any stops in between), and then think of constructing the bridges. I suppose the doubling work is also under progress.

But probably, one has to wait till the other huge flyover is complete (i.e. from Kodigehalli gate to Yelahanka byepass on Airport Road) and operational

Re: Yet to train their sights on Nelamangala rail line

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I had visited Nelamangala a couple of months back, and there are still no trains running on the route. Locals say that it would be good if a train service is introduced.

I suppose they should introduce 3-4 services per day from Chikkabanawara to Nelamangala in synchronization with the Bangalore-Tumkur (and ahead) passenger trains. This would be cost-effective as well as convenient as well.

Rlys to begin overbridge work near Yelahanka / Allalsandra

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Finally some good news for pedestrians and motorists going to Yelahanka from the Bellary road. The Railways will soon begin the construction of an overbridge in order to ease traffic bottleneck near railway gate at Allalasandra.

The work is likely to begin on July 30, though there is no official confirmation yet from the Railways in this regard. It was scheduled to begin a year ago, but was delayed because of the `680-crore elevated expressway project work was under progress.

Additional commissioner of police (traffic) MA Saleem said, "The road passing through Allalasandra railway gate will be closed for next nine months. People will have to take the alternate routes suggested by us." A traffic policemen blamed the concerned authorities for not putting sign boards of alternative routes. If they change routes suddenly, residents will get confused, he added.


Yelahanka - Chansandra Doubling work has been started

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Are the railways planning for a under-bridge near SARAYE PALYA / ANNAM ENCLAVE or BENS SATHYA ENCLAVE connecting to Hennur Road. The complete layout is blocked b'cos people have to come all the way to main road to go to Hennur road.

Need your feedback on this query.

I think there is some progress.

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The land has been levelled between Lotegollahalli and Yelahanka (barring a couple of railway crossings, and Kodigehalli Railway Station Platform), and if everything goes right, then there should be a double line between Yelahanka and Yeshwantpur in one year or so.

Also, it seems that underbridge construction has started at Judicial Layout, hence the movement of road traffic at Allalsandra would be restricted after the underbridge construction for some time till the overbridge construction is complete there as well.

As far as Yelahanka Channasandra line is concerned, most of the land is ready, except for few stretches.

I suggest that, once doubling work is complete, next project that should be taken is construction of Dodjala-Airport Line, which would provide smooth and frequent service between Bangalore City/Yeshwantpur/Baiyappanahalli and the Airport (of course, not neglecting areas like Yelahanka, Kodigehalli, Jakkur etc either).

Re:Yesvantpur - Yelahanka doubling work has started

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Yes. I also noticed, and land has been acquired completely for this route (barring the railway crossings, Kodigehalli Railway Station, and Under the GKVK flyover). If funding, materials and other things are provided, then it shouldnt take more than 6 months to complete the project.

Re:Yelahanka - Chansandra Doubling work has been started

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Well, for this route, however, there are a few obstacles, since there are a couple of places where levelling is not yet done. I think one is between Thanisandra and Hennur, and the other near Horamavu. These could take nearly 1 1/2 to 2 years.

Re:Rlys to begin overbridge work near Yelahanka / Allalsandra

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Finally, I saw some work being done on the road. Probably, the road is being bored from the center, and pillar being erected. Atleast now, they have realized that this busy crossing needs to be done away with since this not only causes delays to road users, but also delays trains (I have seen that scene as well).

Yesvanthpur - Yelahanka 8 Kms doubling will take 5 years, record

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No other Railway projects can beet this type of record.  Let the Railway Minister review these  projects and stop doingt he blame game. Let him visit all important station like Bangalore city, Yesvanthpur, Tumkur, Yelahanka, K R Purma, Whitefield, Doddballapur.  


Already maintenance tenders called when doubling line not used

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Yelahanka-Chennasandra -Proposed maintenance and special attention of newly laid doubling BG line between Yelahanka- Chennasandra section incl.Yelahanka & Chennasandra yard from km.1/800m to 17/500m including loop lines ,points and crossings etc. (CSDR-YNK/36)

Cost : 99,75,070/-    for period of   12 months


Already more then 100  Crore spent by SWR but not ready to open it for   train movements. This 10 Kms has taken 7 years for SWR to build,,  it may be Gunisess Record and  no other divisions of Railways can beat this  record


Lottegolhalli Junction finally reality

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Any updates on the Yelahanka

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Any updates on the Yelahanka Channsandra track doubling?


Doubling Channasandra KR Puram section will also help.




Why is just 3.5 kilometrees just held up?


Re:Any updates on the Yelahanka Channsandra track doubling?

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It has been doubled, and it is functional now. I travelled by this line a few days back, and noticed the same.

Why can't we have the line

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Why can't we have the line between Channasandra and BYPL doubled and start local trains to the airport via Yelahanka?