Thousand Cities - Growth Center Phenomenon!

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Namma Railu - Call to action report rightly places the empahsis of developing the towns around Bengaluru as Growth center. The same spirit has been articulated in today's editorial piece of Indian Express.

"..We need to sense where villages are coalescing into towns, and anticipate their need for civic structures and support. That sense cannot always depend on the leaden-footed state, but it needs government resources. Policy needs to find a way to induce towns into being, to lay down grids and create frameworks where people, with their relocation decisions, are already telling us it’s needed....."

All the state capitals have reached a saturation point and it is in our own best interest that we shift the growth to the adjacent towns. And provide these towns with the transport and housing infrastructure that would complement the working in Cities and living in towns. One important factor would be providing the reliable and cost effective public transport system.



Where do we start?

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"Lessons are many: the presence of a nodal authority, coordinating projects that include the private sector; housing those who live in the vicinity as integral parts of the new town; broad agreement between political parties; already-existing links to highways, a fast-tracked connection to the rail network."

Dont know how to start? Dont build a low cost housing project in the middle of nowhere or inside an industrial cluster like Electronic City or Peenya, it benefits no one and screws up both the work & live environment. Implement commuter rail over long distances, build high density brownfield towns around stations served by it, involve private sector for operating the train system & providing low cost housing around the stations, build a small business ecosystem around stations, darsihnis, banks, post offices, convinience stores, utility centers etc

All parties & authorities need to come to the table to kick off this initiative and create a nodal agency which can just go and do it.

Very clear steps and the commuter rail is a start better than none. Is there a will? Are the folks who serve the people interested in truly building something for the people?