Planning to Meet with DRM / SWR & With Minister Ashok

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I had met  DRM for 15 Minites at his office  last week on 12th Nov to get the update on the Commuter Rail.  He is very positive on the issue.

It seems after the TOR, their is hardly any progress on CRS,  he asked us to meet some time after few days for details discussion on the subject  as  he was busy with Railway Union for some issue.

Meeting with DRM  will be  planned next week, we should meet him in small group of      4 - 5  members.  Let me know who all will like to  make it  up for the meeting.

Also  trying to get an appointment with Minister Mr R Ashok /  Incharge for Transport & Home Minister  and he is basically from Bangalore. So that we can Impress and put pressure on him to  push the  State to  follows up with Center.  Mostly we need to meet him at his residence Jalahalli. 

Let me know who all would like to attend this meeting,  we  may get an appointment next week with Minister.

In the mean time,  some one from us need to  follow up  with Mr Madhu / IDD about the progress of CRS as Railway Budget preparations will start in December



Meeting with DRM / SWR Updates on 2nd Dec'2010

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Meeting with DRM / SWR  was arranged this morning 2nd Dec at 11 am at DRM's office. CiSTUP/ IISc, BCIC & Praja attended the meeting.

From SWR Mr S Mani DRM and  Mr Babu ADRM  present.

1. Prof. Sitaram CISTUP / IISc.

2. Sumitra Iyangar BCIC

3. T S Sampath Kumar BCIC

4. Pruthvi BCIC

5. K S Kartik  GEODESIC

6. Naveen  / Praja

7. Sanjeev  / Praja

First Sumitra explained to DRM about BCIC meeting on 24th Nov and proposals submitted to Railway Board.  She explained on  Commuter Rail  how BCIC can participate on PPP mode.

Then Prof. Sitaram explained  on letter written by CS / GoK to Railway Board for meeting on Commuter Rail.  Then things came out that no progress made after 23rd Sept meeting & TOR.  Then Prof.  told  DRM, without Commuter Rail / Suburban Trains,  METRO cities traffic issues will not be solved.  Prof asked DRM, Railways should help tBangalore to reduce the Traffic issues thru COmmuter Rail, let Railways come out clearly what required / needed for this to happen.

DRM explained, due to fares structure,  Railways would  not like to get into Commuter rail,  even though project is reqd for Bangalore. He explained his expreince on working for MMTS Hyderabad and he is well aware of the service it is rendering to 1.50 Lakhs commuters.

Then discussion went into PPP or SPV,   either railway do it or call for DPR tender or assign the job to RiTES.

Then from praja explained, already RiTES report of CTTP2007 was rejected by SWR,  so State will undertake DPR if railway gives clearance in principle  on Commuter Rail project.

As things stand at the same level after 3 months of  round table meeting at  CiSTUP / IISc and 23rd Sept wmeeting with CS / GoK.

I feel,  due to IDD & Railways  working under different Govts,  and current CM trying to save his chair,  no progress is happening on the Commuter Rail. 

We may miss in the comming Railway budget on Commuter Rail Sanction if things are not acted either by State or Center. 

Naveen can update  things which I would have missed to post from the meeting.

DRM meeting

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Sanjeev - thanks, & I think you have covered all of it. There has been no progress on commuter rail so far due to upheavels in the govt.