Namma Railu - call to action report authored by members

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Friends, here is the Call to Action report on Commuter Rail service for Bengaluru authored by Namma Railu project team members. Report is attached in full, and will be used for discussions at the Namma Railu - Mobilicity event at CiSTUP, IISc (scheduled for Aug 30).

Printed copies of this report are being mailed around to relevant ministries and departments of government to increase awareness on the possibilities. On behalf of Namma Railu project team, authors of the report wish to thank CiSTUP for their support and encouragement.

Bengaluru Commuter Rail - Call to Action - Reprint 2

Bengaluru Commuter Rail - Call to Action - Reprint 2.pdf2.81 MB


great job, example of new age collaboration

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Congratulations Namma Railu project team for a job well done. Look forward to more such reports produced as part of Praja projects.

This is how it should be, just the sort of thing we all need to do - get together (via Internet), put together thoughts,  summarized, clear and logical, and produce call-to-action or demand reports. And once something concrete is in our hands, go push government for action.

BTW, those who don't know, bulk of work for the report was done via email, chat etc. While this was being written, one of the authors, Naveen was sailing somewhere near China, Sathya and Sanjeev are in Bangalore, and Syed is based in the US. 4 people, 3 locations, a website full of posts with data and ideas, and a report produced in 2 months. That's new age, and collaboration.


SB aka Pranav

Amazing job!

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I am sure if Dr Manmohan Singh chooses to handover the management of the Commonwealth Games to this team, even at this stage, they will do a far more competent job of it than Kalmadi and team (rather what remains of it), and perhaps at half the cost. JaiHo PRAJA!

Muralidhar Rao


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Congratulations to Praja-galu!   This is the answer to sceptics that question 'Internet activism'

let us put in our best effort to take this forward.

all the talk about monorail, yet another high speed 'link' to airport is making me think about the thousands of crores CAG will later find missing...


p.s please don't accept CWG OC job if offered :)

Great work

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Great work guys. Promote Nammu railu during the bus day.

Flyers/Pamphlets can be distrbuted when people pay toll on some of roads like (NICE Road, Hosur Elevated Road) to promote Namma Railu.


- Ajay



Great job!

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The team has done a really great job!


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Wonderful job, guys!  Cheers  to you for more such jobs. Now, there is Hope!


cool start

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  gud work indeed. I daily travel in train to my office. Take trains from majestic to kr puram, and from there bus to marthahalli. you won't belive, the whole journey takes around just an hour.. Infact would recommend people to use trains if it's fessible. i would also like to attend the commuter rail event. But, going through the report i have few questions?
1. why is bangalore city station not considered as commuter rail hub ? Its very centrally located, and most sort place to inter-change. I assume, it was left, as it handles inter-city service, correct me, if i'm wrong.  If i'm right,  have some ideas to solve this.
2. In many of the maps shown, from baiyappanahalli to kr puram, why beniganahalli has to come in between ?
3. i see lot of oppurtunity for a station at marthahalli. There is a station called belunder-road (arnd 3km from here), but is very poorly connected, and few trains stops. so, as a result mearge people use it. So, if there is a station at marthahalli, i see it can beome another sub-urban station ( like kr-puram station ). catering to both inter-state, as well as commuter trains.. 
4. How long do you predict this project to be implemented ( take ref as : after in- princlipal approval from govt) . i feel around a decade.
5. and finally, any short-term plans proposal increasing the frequency of already available passerger trains. This is becasue, i see many of these passengers trains having just a single trip a day, and these just accupy platforms/shed for long duration. This in turn limits the available bandwidth in the station and esceptially in bangalore city junction and other main junction.
It is time to people to think beyond cars and costly bmtc . Even though the rail n/w doesn't cover whole bangalore, it indeed helps in de-congesting areas under it. Looking for the day.

I assume, it was left, as it

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I assume, it was left, as it handles inter-city service, correct me, if i'm wrong

Correct but that line is not a show stopper for the commuter rail to be a reality as it will be well served by the metro. Do propose your solutions on this thread.

why beniganahalli has to come in between ?

This will allow commuter rail to continue towards south Bangalore without having to take the BYP loop from Banaswadi and still be able to drop people at OMR for a east/city bound connectivity. If a DPR can prove that BYP can handle south & east bound commuter rail frequency with existing/planned tracks then it would be prudent to use that as an interchange, else Benninganahalli can become a dedicated commuter rail station and still allow for interchange to OMR bus, train, metro traffic. Also current rolling stock for YH1 is not a multiple unit and it makes no sense to change engine ends at BYP. Commuter rail has to run on EMU's and not on yard refuse rakes

 How long do you predict this project to be implemented ( take ref as : after in- princlipal approval from govt) . i feel around a decade

What work is there to be done that will take a decade? Doubling & electrfication can be completed in 2 years tops if taken up by a nodal agency or SPV. In the meanwhile at least 8 trains a day can be run during peak hours in all these segments with the single track already available.

i see many of these passengers trains having just a single trip a day, and these just accupy platforms/shed for long duration. This in turn limits the available bandwidth in the station

Dwell times, headways etc are definitely managable with appropriate station design, but it is the mindset that is a problem. We have statistics to prove that current mainline headways are way below international standards & most mainlines are used for parking as well. Dwell times need to be managed at stations to ensure pass thru tracks are not used for parking trains. block lengths & signalling needs to be improved as well.

NHAI doesnt say city traffic are not allowed to use the highways meant for interstate traffic why are Railways not allowing it? People like you need to take this to elected representatives and ask for this service. Take a print of this report with you when you meet them, It is the most cost effective way of train transit provisioning and the assets are lying unused for the benefit of the city.

Hi Srinath, Nice to know that

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Hi Srinath,

Nice to know that you use trains for commuting.

State of Bangalore City Station and Yelahanka Station

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Hi Srinath,

Nice to know that  ur regular user of the Train services. As IDS has mentioned,   city station to KR puram will be served by METRO and why  tracks between Cantonemnt and Baiyyappanahalli are served by two tracks only, so the limitation.

I had been to  City station and  I felt SWR is wasting land and need to optimize the resources :

Bangalore City Station :

1 : Platforms are 10 only, but  total tracks passing the city station are : 20 Numbers with full platfrom length.  Here tracks are double the number of platforms. 

1 Just before PF-1, on chennai end, two small PF  they are not so well developed platforms used for parking extra rakes, these very close to entrance  of  Main station and well located for Suburban / Commuter rail operation  from City to Bangarpet.

2. PF-3 has two sides boarding, hence one more PF wasted.  Between PF-4 to PF-5 their are 4 tracks passing manily used for Rakes parking (  what  non-sense ) 

3. After PF-10, their are 4 tracks mainly used for Rake Pit ( washing line ), how can this be in parallel to PF, no city in India has such messed up setup.  Then after this their are 2 tracks for Rakes maintainence. Why Railways wants it to be at center of the city as such Goods yards are moved out  of city, same thing they should  move the Pit lines ( washing yard ) and Maintainence  Coach lines should be moved out from city station for  better utilization. 

4. Also betwn Pf-7 & PF-8 huge open space kept without any usage,how can Railways waste the land like this.

5. Good thins  is Foot Over Bridge has been extended upto Magadi Road side. They are planning one more Footover bridge at Chennai end to for all 10 PF connection with cost of  2 Crore

This shows only 60% of the land is utilized properly at city station. 

Now Railways are constructuing Building for Booking office & vechile parking on the PF-7 & 8 side of Yesvantpur side,  I feel some underground Platform  with 2 Platforms for Suburban / Commuter Train could have been thought.  

Yelahanka Station :

This  has 2 PF only.  Their are 6 tracks running thru' the station and 2 more tracks for Wheel & Axle plant / KPCL diesel power plant  with Electrci Line.

Problems faced by the Commuters here :

1. Their is no proper approach Road to the Station for this well Developed Suburb.

2. Current Ticket office is at one remote corner, need to search if you are new to the station.. 

3. Platfroms are not covered properly.

4. Their is no foot over bridge to cross 6 tracks  to move from New Town to Old Town, people are forced to cross the tracks with risk to life & slowing down train speed.

5. Reservation office  is on Dodballapur road and  their is no resrvation office at the Station.

6.  BMTC Bus Stand is 100 Mts from the Station, but  their is no  indication board.

7. Good thing is SWR has started doubling of Yelahanka to Yesvantpur track ( work visible at Allalsandra railway crossing )

So here SWR should have made minimum 6 PF with proper shelter and Foot over Bridge,  as Yelahanka is major junction  with tracks coming from KR Puram, Yesvantpur, Chikballapur, Doddballapur



Well Done!!

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Read the whole report. Very professionally done report. Good job done by all participants.

I hope and pray something fruitful comes out of this effort by you people. Is it possible to get the Mainstream media to get interested in this report? That will lend some traction to the process.