Bengaluru Train Network Map

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Following map shows all the under construction and proposed train routes for Bengaluru. Commuter rail network is shown in Orange and the Monorail alignment approved this week under swiss challenge is shown in Dark Green. Click to expand the map in Flickr 

Bengaluru Monorail Dpr Route Map 174 21-07-10 4

Map file for detailed viewing courtesy Geodesic Techniques



Nonsense alignments

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 Interestingly, some of the Scomi proposed monorail alignments seem to make more sense than the CTTP ones! Somebody convince me why the CTTP ring road alignment for a monorail makes any sense?

Commuter Rail Markings on the map? Inspired by NR Map?

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The map has marking s 'commuter rail' on all the IR lines as envisioned in NR report. Wondering if the map has taken the commuter rail inspiration from Praja's report.

Train Map

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Not sure if this map is accurate /updated --

1) Metro reach-4 is shown terminating at RV rd in ph-1 whereas it has been extended upto Puttenahalli.

2) Metro reach-2 is shown extending upto Kengeri in ph-1 whereas it terminates much before at Mys rd.

Ring road alignment totally non-sense

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BTM on the ORR is the main bottleneck which takes around 30 minutes to pass during peak hour. No Monorail for that stretch, rather we have monorail on the ORR and not the Marenahalli main road which is the stretch of people movement.

To make it sense, monorail should touch the Silkboard junction from where BRTS starts. It doesn't make any sense to end it somewhere on BG Road.


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Couple of observations on the routing:

  1. There appears to be a section on NH4/Old Madras Rd where it runs right alongside NM before it turns onto 80' Rd. A station right there the would be a perfect changeover from NM to the Monorail
  2. Isn't it interesting that NM AND the first Mono line likely to be built first (source: DNA E-paper) just happen to go past Vidhana/Vikasa Soudha? Instead wouldn't aligning the 'Green Line' with KG Rd (it currently appears to use NR Rd) better serve the area. Moreover, you could still extend the 'Blue Line' (using NR Rd) till Hudson Circle linking up the two.



Tokyo train network

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I really wanted to paste this tokyo train network map. Make your inferences

Thought Paris had some metro...

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...until I saw this one!