Bus Day Corridors Route Map and Bus List

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Here is the route map showing different BMTC routes leading to ITPL and Electronic City. For now only Vajra, Vayu Vajra and BIG-10 routes on these corridors are shown. Soon will provide information on other BMTC services including oridinary service also.

Credit goes to our Narayan who spent hours in preparing this map. Thanks Narayan.

Volunteers are welcome to use the map to include other helpful information. If needed any support, send me a PM.

DISCLAIMER - This is purely for information purposes. The map has been created based on the information provided from various sources inluding BMTC. The Praja website or authors are not to be held responsible for its correctness.


  1. A PDF version is attached below for downloads and distribution.
  2. An excel spreadsheet listing Volvo routes for ready reference.



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BMTC Services and Timings V2.xls110.5 KB


good job!

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Good Job!. Though I had an idea I wasnt sure of how to go about it. Thanks for sharing the same. I would like to add the following to it:

1. volvo 201-R runs between Srinagar and CV Raman Nagar and not Banashankari. Runs via Hosakerahalli-->Kamakhya-->Banashankari from Srinagar. Route thereafter is correct.

2.Volvo 201-G running between Banashankari and Jeevanbhimanagar also covering Dell/IBM on koramangla IRR.

3.Volvo 375-A running between Kengeri Shirka to Infosys campus in Electronic City. Route taken is :Kengeri Shirka-->Satellite Town-->Bus stand-->Chennasandra-->Uttarahalli-->chikkalasandra>Banashankari-->Silk Board-->Bommanahalli

4.volvo 600-K runs between Vijayanagar and Narayana Hrudayalaya

5.Volvo 333-W running between Majestic and Doddakenahalli Wipro(Sarjapur ROad) via Marathalli

6.Shivajinagar-->ITPL is Volvo 331A and not 333A.

7. Volvo 505-A Electronic City-->silk Board-->Madiwala-->Koramangla water tank-->Dell-->Domlur

8.Volvo 411-L: Shantinagar-->Wilson garden-->St.Johns-->Koramangla Water tank-->Dell-->Marathalli-->ITPL

9.Volvo 319-C: Majestic-->Richmond-->Mayo Hall-->Ulsoor-->NGEF-->K.R.Puram-->Hoodi-->ITPL

10.Volvo 500KR BEML 5th stage to ITPL via Uttarahalli and Banashankari

 For still more info on volvo routes visit http://en.wikipedia.org/w...

Awesome job Narayan!

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Great show Narayan/Syed, looks very good, and provides a single glance overview of routes aimed at car/bike based commuters.



Errors / misses in map

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 There are couple of errors and omissions in map (updated)

7th item in legend (500 series buses) it says the route terminates at Electronic city.  That is incorrect.  It ends at ITPL.

No mention of 500C.  That is one of the most common ITPL routes (Banashankari ITPL I think)

500 KM not in map (Kalyani Magnum JP Nagar to ITPL)

How about 331A  Shivajinagar -> ITPL (very few buses... but it is there), I think you have it listed as 333A

Why is 333Z shpown as going through AECS layout? That is wrong as far as I know.  

Updated MAP version is now available for download!

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The Map has been updated with all the pointed out corrections. Thanks to all those who reviewed and provided the needed feedback.

A few more suggestions regarding the route map

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 Hi Syed,

Thanks for incorporating the suggestions. There are a few more changes that I would suggest.

Currently all the 500 series are lumped together as one set in the Legend. As a result, they don't share either a starting point or a ending point as in the case with all other routes listed in the legend. I would recommend spliiting the 500 series into two parts -  one starting from ITPL(500K, 500P, 500W ..) and the other starting at Hebbal ( 500A, 500D, 500DA, 500DB). These two sections may also be given different color codes.

Some 500 series codes are stiil missing in the map:

500C from ITPL to Banashankari (this is very frequent)

500A from Hebbal to Banashankari

500NA from ITPL to Silkboard

505A is not listed in the legend and also at the electronic city terminus.

 Also BIAS6 and BIG10 do not touch ITPL. The stop nearest to ITPL is Hopefarm which is nearly a kilometer away.

I would also request you to increment the version number of the PDF document when you update it.


-- skumaras 

A few more suggestion

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Firstly wonderful work by narayan for taking the pains to incorporate the route details in a easy to use map.

A few things i noticed

1.  Please separate ITPL and HOPE FARM, they are almost a kilometre apart and it would misleading for the users to assume that BIG10-1 and 333P go to ITPL based on the map. These go to HOPE FARM, from there another bus to ITPL.  So a spatial separation on the map is required.

2. 362E starts at RT Nagar using Marcopolo buses.  The route is RT Nagar-Shivajinagar-Begur

3.The volvo from Vidyaranyapura to electronic city is 276G and the route i'm might not very familiar..but it passes through Jayamahal road.

4.BIG10 -1 starts at Mayo Hall bus stop(opposite to Ashok Nagar police station) and not at Trinity circle.

5. Also add BIG10-3 to sarjapur road, which is a part of the IT corridor, which starts at the same location as BIG10-1

Updated MAP version is now available!

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Updated copy of the MAP has been uploaded.

Great Job

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Hi, Very good work and prompt updates. But in the excel I cannot find the details for route 411K. This is the most relevant for me so it will help if updated.



ORRCA, Electronics City Association Etc should work with BMTC

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Companies on the Outer Ring Road, Electronics City and Whitefield should work with BMTC in getting buses connected from most of the city corners.

Each and every company has got its own shuttle service without a common service. Also, most of the companies start early at 8:00 AM to beat the traffic. These shuttles usually leave all the localities by 7:00 AM. Lots of people cannot catch buses as early as that and some although subscribed, miss the shuttles and drive down all the way.Very few companies provide multiple pickups.

If ORRCA and the associations like that work with BMTC to get buses from most city partsand pool their shuttles, they will be able to provide multiple pickups and also cut down on operating costs.


New Route

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Marcopolo on route 201RC between CV Raman Nagar(Bagmane Tech Park) and Chikkalasandra via Padmanabhanagar,Banashankari from where it follows the existing 201R volvo route

bus route

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Hi ,

Thanks for putting up the  list of bus timings.

There is a bus no. D-25. THis goes from Agara depot to Electronic city .

Can you also add the timing for this Bus no.  D-25 and the  route it takes



D-25=Depot 25

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D-25 is not route No. of the bus. D-25 signifies depot No.25 of BMTC which is present at Agara/HSR layout. Any bus bound to these depots have the numbers D-25.

The following is the link of all depots of BMTC along with their numbers.


Please Start a volvo bus from Srinagara to Electronics City

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There is no direct bus service from Srinagara to Electronics City and Srinagara to ITPL, I request the athorities to start a bus service from these routes.

As there is no bus service we need to go to Majestic for ITPL buses and Santhinagar bus stop to EC buses.

If the direct bus starts then we save lot of time.