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Material for first meeting with BDA

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 This is the planning for the first meeting we are trying to have with the BDA. Questions are generic and a little exhaustive at this point.  We will refine and make it specific and within an accurate scope with feedback


General questions

How is the BDA organized - org structure? Available expertise

How are BDA projects decided?

What is the process for preparation of BDA budget?

How can the public provide feedback on / influence BDA budget and decisions?

What is the process for public feedback for BDA project designs, public impact etc.?

Road design standards

Budget 2009-2010 related questions

Status and design of peripheral ring road

What design changes are proposed at ORR NH4 junction at KR Puram hanging bridge

What is the line item for HAL airport to Kundalahalli road formation?

CDP related questions

Road and transportation plans for the newly added BBMP areas

JNNURM related questions




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meeting with BDA

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When are we planning to have it.  Requirement to  join the meeting.


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Can we have a common board where we can also see the progress of the particular project being started by BDA, so that we can also track how are they making the progress, or they are doing as per the plan and time-table or other things like that?


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BDA information and questions

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How is the BDA organized - organization and organization chart are on their website. Some ongoing work information. Some more questions.
1) Will they update their website with most recent or current information (especially with a progress report on various ongoing projects)?
2) Regular recovery of land occurs but what about illegal structures and/or encroachment in parks?
Technical questions:
1) What minimum town planning standards are prescribed and followed? What is the code followed?
2) How does BDA interact with other stakeholders and ensure minimum standards especially for private layouts? In other words, does BDA ensure that (for example) BWSSB sanction for water and wastewater supply, egress and treatment are available before approving the final permit? Or, maybe checking if BBMP permit for storm water infiltration is available before approving the layout?
3) How does BDA ensure compliance (for example - minimum green space is provided, standards are adhered to etc.)? Do they perform regular inspections? Related - what is the penalty for violations (easier to nip the problem in the bud than worry later; avoids akrama-sakrama like issues).
4) Is BDA responsible for some of the multi-storied flats (or maybe some aspects of those projects)? What aspects? Do they have the expertise to verify those aspects? Fire protection/mitigation comes to mind.

new chairman has taken over recently and it might be a better idea to give her some time to settle in.

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