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Vote your favorite Praja Disciplined Drivers Club bumper sticker (Designs in attached file)

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Option 1
8% (2 votes)
Option 2
46% (11 votes)
Option 3
8% (2 votes)
Option 4
0% (0 votes)
Option 5
33% (8 votes)
Option 6
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 24
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Choose the bumper sticker

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 Here are the bumper stickers from the attachment

Until the forms get setup here you can see how the sign up form will look here

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Where is the option for lane discipline?

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I see no sticker with caption for lane discipline.
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I see no sticker with caption

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I see no sticker with caption for lane discipline

All messages will be communicated before they sign up like here. Lane discipline is just one of the many disciplines. Read here for what the bumper sticker should achieve

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Great !

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@People behind scene. Great work ! I voted :)

I agree with Syed that we need specific stickers too for the people who want to practice one discipline at a time, though it will not mean they are real safe drivers. In other words, they may not be willing to join club as full fledged member, but to start working on that direction by practicing one discipline at a time. So I suggest few more sticker options, mostly text oriented and with no mention to join club but with a word "supported by"

a) I am lane driving, do you??? (Taken from original thread)

b) I am not in hurry, I have planned well

c) Do not inch drive, save fuel

d) No rude honking, I dont care !

e) No squeezing, drive with comfort

f) No courtesy for rude honkers

g) Save seconds, not in road, but at work !


" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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How about this one?

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Souvenir shop?

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 We are not setting up a souvenir shop here are we? All these you will anyway get in a store why do we have to print these? Where is the plan beyond the sticker and a message? How many different types of stickers do you want to be printing? How are you going to get everyone to come together in any volumes by just sending them one message on a sticker when there are many messages to send and many campaigns to run? How are you going to conduct events when you have sent stickers with no way of getting everybody who got a sticker together?

You can always print one for each event with a theme but you have to get people together to conduct that event. 

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 Where is the plan beyond the

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 Where is the plan beyond the sticker and a message?

Very good question, need to planned further. May be taken for exclusive discussion in a project page when created. I think all my suggestions can be taken back for time being, as it may hinder current implementation. May be next phase these messages can be included if feasible.






" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Idea behind these stickers!

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I thought I can chime in my few paisas here... The whole idea behind these stickers is to create awareness and build a team of followers or call it a small army that can expand. If we find takers who will adhere to these rules on road with a sticker on their vehicle THEN we can start thinking about custom label stickers for lane discipline, no honking etc etc..

The other purpose of making a person go to is to understand what more can be done to become a better praje. Participate in other projects like mass transport pitches, commuter rail, etc etc.

I see this as a first step towards a larger initiative.   

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 The poll closes in a few

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 The poll closes in a few days do cast your vote

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one message at a time - better?

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I think one message at a time may be better. Bheema started this with lane driving as focus. If others agree, can give a lane driving touch to all material (poster, pledge form on the site). If the campaigns does get picked up, can run again after 2-3 months to have a new message. The Disciplined driver's club can perhaps live on that way.

I am pretty sure we can get support from traffic police, ex:, support another run of drive well day where we do nothing but just hand over these car/bike stickers.

I voted for option 5, doesn't highlight praja too much (like 3 and 4), attractive shape, and some color on the Club text.

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No.5 for me too

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Same here!

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One msg at a time

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Repeating from One message at a time on the prev thread.

How about a campaign?  Something similar to our drive well day concept. This would lower the entry barrier and possibly encourage more participation. We all know the reality on the city roads today. If I follow all the commandments IDS listed, I might double my travelling time.

Let us pick the list, order items in some fashion, assign one to every calendar month, and ask the group to follow. If someone is willing to stick to all of them, welcome!

Think of a pack to go with the bumper sticker (a holder and a set of signs with months printed on it). Holder goes inside the rear window, and you change your sign every month. 

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Option 1 for me.

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Think the wider form factor works better as  a 'bumper' sticker.

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Poll closing soon

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 Poll is closing... last call to choose THE bumper sticker of your life :) Both option 2 & 5 are worthy options. Take you pick soon, we will go purely by number.

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Polls Closed - Option 2!

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 Option 2 has gathered 46% of the votes and will be the DDC sticker that will be printed. Option 5 with 33% of the votes will be on standby for usage elsewhere on the site like banner images etc.

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Option 2 for me

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 though voting seems to have closed but I still received a message asking me to vote. so here it is  thanks


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