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Do you support commuter rail service (local trains) for Bangalore?


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Cast your vote

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The Commuter Rail initiative lays out the need and urgency of running full fledged commuter trains under a dedicated SPV set up for this purpose like in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi & Hyderabad. There are already more than 250 kilometers of Indian Railways tracks around the city (no need for expensive new infrastructure) and frequent trains to local destinations on these routes will benefit more than 50 lakh citizens from Bengaluru and suburbs. See here for more on this service the routes the destinations etc.

Cast your votes and make your voice heard. You dont need to go to a polling booth all you need to do is click. If you do not support commuter rail leave a comment with your reasons.

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Provide the option of Entering Name for the poll

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Its good start,  his will give more awarness to publc of Bangalore

provide the option of entering name with small  box for comments  Also ask  if Commuters, if Commuter Rail started, which  place they want to use  .Ask for Contact Phone  Numbers.


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Your preference

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provide the option of entering name with small  box for comments

Good point, Use comments box to leave more details. Do mention if you arent already on one of the stations along the route would you shift along the commuter rail route if you have a good frequency commuter rail service. Here is the route map for reference.

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All in agreement

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Its nice to see not a single discordant note. I hope all will participate if we held a silent protest rally in favour of hastening commuter rail implementation. Will revert back with venue, date & time. Meanwhile please continue to vote if you havent already. 

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Silent protest rally We need to do to make Authorities aware

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We need to do this at some point of time now, if authorities are not ready to come forward for Commuter Rail.

We will release the report soon as per planned and still authorities are not ready to meet us, we will do the plan of action how to go about it like sending the report copy to all concerned MP's,  CM, Governer,  Railway Minister and SWR. After some time say may be within 2 weeks, we need to plan for this.


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One more Suggestion - Taking the trip to growth centers!

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IDS, sanjeev,

 I have one more suggestion. In addition to other plans Sathya and you have, consider this also.

 The suggestion is Praja Team taking the train trip to each of the growth centers - Tumkur, Doddaballapur, Chikballpur, Malur/Bangarpart, Hosur(already done) and Ramanagaram.

 On each trip, reach out to fellow passengers who could be daily travellers and take their feedback. May consider passing out one Page campaign fliers. We may need a Kannada Version of it. Should explore their support in reaching out to local MLAs/MPs and meeting with them. Photos, interviews/talk with passengers/officials and look out for vicinity demography should be the main activities durung the trip.

Off coarse nice report after the trip could be up for best rated praja outing award.

 I am sure these trips can be fully sponsored. :)


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Extension of few existing passenger trains

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 One of the trains used by ITPL and KR Puram office goers is the Passenger trains at 9:20 and 9:50 AM in the morning.If they could extend this upto Kengeri since track is electrified upto Kengeri and these two trains are Electric Trains, second one being a Mumbai like EMU, it will be highly beneficial for those who come up all the way from Kengeri, Vijaynagar / RPC Layout to ITPL/KR Puram.

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100 votes & counting

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 We have crossed a 100 votes with everybody favouring commuter rail. Knowing how disagreeable we are in general this is a very good sign. 

I guess the challenge now is to convince all authorities to think alike and get this off the ground. It is a multi stakeholder initiative and needs everybody to be on board to make it a success. Hopefully we can achieve that mindshare at the mobilicity 2010 summit.

Meanwhile, Keep voting, the larger the sample the better the accuracy of representation.

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Whoever voted a NO please do leave your reason as a comment. The NO's are more valuable when substantiated with a reason.It will help us validate if the concerns are being addressed appropriately

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Those who voted no ...

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... would be good to hear their reasons as well. Those who have voted yes have left numerous reasons on umpteen posts here, so can't goad them for reasons again on the poll :)

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Google Transit Data is being updated for CSR too

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 In view to provide an integrated approach to commuters, I thought of having existing CRS data also into our Google Transit Feed Document. We are updating CRS data here. Also when Namma Metro starts that data too will be added. Have a look and feel free to contribute to crowdsource. In all it will mean to a Google Map user, that when a route search done it will provide a route combining routes from all these three systems.(BMTC,Namma Railu-CRS and Namma Metro)

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Prajagale, Pls vote on CRS if you have not!

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In run upto a possible meeting with CM, it will good to have a poll with greater numbers to further the cause of CRS. We have about week or two for the meeting.

Therefore on behalf of Praja NR Team, I would like to request all the PRAJA members to pls vote here on for/Against CRS. Here is the link for that Poll.

Please vote.

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